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Ayasofya __ "Ayasofya" is another spelling for Hagia Sophia. "Probably Istanbul's most famous landmark, the Hagia Sophia (also spelled Ayasofya) was built by the emperor Justinian I in the year 537 AD. Built in only six years, the structure was designed by the architects Anthemius of Tralles and Isidore of Miletus. On May 7, 558, the dome of the church collapsed due to a December 557 earthquake, and though a new dome was quickly rebuilt, historical records tell us that it was not identical to the original." You will find a good article and images. Learn how a computer model of the ancient church is being created. Byzantine architecture photos. - illustrated - From Byzantine Architecture Project -

Byzantine Architecture __ You will find an encyclopedia article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia - 

Byzantine Architecture __ Text only overview of Byzantine architecture first published in 1915. - From -

Byzantine Architecture __ Byzantine architecture and monuments in Florence, Rome, and Venice. - From -


Byzantine Architecture __ You will find a brief look at Byzantine architecture. "Byzantine Architecture is one of three major forces in the architectural world during the Middle Ages of Europe." - From - 

Byzantine Architecture __ "In the early Byzantine period, as wide a diversity of styles is seen in ecclesiastical architecture as in art. Two major types of churches, however, can be distinguished: the basilica type, with a nave flanked by colonnades terminating in a semicircular apse and covered by a timber roof; and the stone-vaulted centralized church, with its separate components gathered under a central dome. The second type the stone-vaulted centralized church was dominant throughout the Byzantine period." You will find a good overview of Byzantine architecture ranging from church to fort to palace along with click-to-enlarge images. - illustrated - From Unknown -

Byzantine Architecture __ A general overview of Byzantine Architecture with embedded links to additional material and a gallery of click-to-enlarge photos. - illustrated - From -

Byzantine architecture Articles and Information __ An article loaded with embedded links to other resources. - From -

Byzantine architecture buildings: list of famous Byzantine architecture landmarks __ A list of 14 Byzantine or Byzantine inspired landmarks with click-to-enlarge photos. - illustrated - From -

Byzantine architecture | Chora Museum __ A general overview of the history of Byzantine Architecture and links to additional materials. - From -

Byzantine Architecture and Church Construction Primer __ Scroll down to find a schematic for a classic style Byzantine church or cathedral. - illustrated - From -

Byzantine Churches in Italy and Greece - Iglesias Bizantinas __ Video of several Byzantine churches.  No narrative, just music.  You will also find many other videos related to Byzantine architecture here. - video -

Byzantine Architecture - Clipart __ Some excellent Byzantine architectural clip-art for papers and research projects. - illustrated - From -

Byzantine Architecture: Features of Byzantine Architecture __ A brief overview of Byzantine architecture and its characteristics.  Click-to-enlarge photos too. - illustrated - From -  


Byzantine Architecture Photos __ Small gallery of annotated click-to-enlarge Byzantine architecture photos of Mausoleum of Galla Placidia. Byzantine architecture pictures - illustrated - From - 

Byzantine Architecture Project __ "Over the past several years, Professor Ahmet Cakmak, of Princeton University's Department of Civil Engineering and Operations Research has undertaken the structural analysis, under earthquake loads, of the Hagia Sophia." And from there things just grew. You will find a lot of information. - illustrated - From Princeton University - 

Byzantine Architecture | Real Virtual ... __ A grand exposition of Byzantine architecture with detailed text, panoramas, Quicktime interactive presentations and more. You may want to spend some time here. Byzantine architecture pictures and more. - illustrated - From Columbia University -

Byzantine architecture Stock Photo Images. 168 Byzantine ... __ "168 Byzantine architecture Images." While many of these Byzantine architecture photos are of such items as Russian Byzantine and modern structures, there are still many Byzantine pictures of buildings from the Byzantine Empire proper. - illustrated - From - 
Byzantine art and architecture __ General overview with several click-to-read articles and links to related materials. - illustrated - from - 

Byzantine Art and Architecture: Byzantine Architecture __ This is the page about Byzantine architecture from a website covering a wide range of Byzantine information. - From Fact Monster -

Byzantium 1200 __ "Byzantium 1200 is a project aimed at creating computer reconstructions of the Byzantine Monuments located in Istanbul, TURKEY as of year 1200 AD." - illustrated - From -

Category:Neo-Byzantine architecture __ Index of articles related to neo-Byzantine architecture found in Wikipedia - From Wikipedia -

Category:Plans of Byzantine buildings in Constantinople __ Gallery of various building plans. - illustrated - From Wikimedia - 


Catholic Encyclopedia: Byzantine Architecture __ An overview of Byzantine architecture from a religious perspective. - From -

Neo-Byzantine Architecture __ Some of the most spectacular "Byzantine" buildings were not erected till the 19th and 20th centuries.  Here is a gallery of them. - illustrated - From -
Ravenna, Italy - Travel Photos __ A couple of well annotated, large photos of the Byzantine Church of San Vitale. Byzantine architecture pictures. - illustrated - From - 



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