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Abandoned Wooden Miracles __ "Some other masterpieces of Russian medieval wooden architecture were found abandoned...Some of them look like they are just left - even some furniture stays on..."  Explore a beautiful gallery of abandoned traditional Russian wooden structures. - illustrated - From -


Architecture - The Empire That Was Russia __ Excellent gallery of well annotated, click-to-enlarge photos of Russian architecture. - illustrated - From Library of Congress -


Architecture and monuments of ancient Russian and Ukrainian cities: Saint-Petersburg, Novgorod, Kyiv, and Lviv __ Large galleries of click-to-view annotated images. - illustrated - from Sergei Klimanov - 

Architecture in Russia __ "Twenty centuries of architecture in a vast, exotic land Photo essay by Jackie Craven" - illustrated - From - 


Churches, Monasteries and Convents in Moscow, Russia __ "Churches, Monasteries and Convents in Moscow, Russia - as the spiritual home of the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow boasts a fascinating religious history and an impressive legacy of ecclesiastical architecture.." You will find click-to-enlarge photos and a description of several buildings. - illustrated - From -


Details of Russian Architecture __ Gallery of click-to-view photos of Russian architecture. - illustrated - From -


Discover Russian Architecture __ Good article dealing with the history of Russian architecture. - From -


Kolomenskoe __ " of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Kolomenkoe features vintage wooden structures built by many of the country's Tsars, one of the most beautiful churches and examples of Russian tent-roofed architecture in the country, and is a beautiful site for a spot of summer sunbathing or a snowy walk in the winter." - illustrated - From - 


The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia __ Take a virtual architectural tour. You will find click-to-enlarge photos which provide more detailed information. "The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia - Founded in the 12th century by Prince Yury Dolgoruky and now a mass of crenellated ramparts, glittering onion domes and majestic turrets. It is now the spiritual, political and historical heart of Moscow."- illustrated - from -



The Kremlin ( Novgorod ) __ Historic and some architectural information about the Novgorod Kremlin. - illustrated - From -


Onion dome __ "Art historians disagree when and why onion domes became a typical feature of Russian architecture."  You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -   

Russian Architecture __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - from Wikipedia -


Russian architecture __ Detailed look at the history of Russian architecture heavily embedded with links to topics of related interest. - From WorldLingo Translations LLC -




Russian Architecture __ Good overview of traditional Russian architecture along with examples (text only) of a few astonishing works of Russian architecture. - From -


Russian wooden architecture __ Well annotated, click-to-enlarge gallery of wooden Russian masterpieces. - illustrated - From -


Splendour of Russian Wooden Architecture __ An online tour of some great buildings in text and image. - illustrated - From -  


Traditional Russian Village Structure __ "Russian villages consisted of wooden houses, the church, the bathhouse, windmills, storage sheds and other outbuildings spaced to prevent the spread of fire." Learn about the architecture associated with traditional villages. - illustrated - From Lisa Kies - 


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