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Category:Korean architecture __ Index of articles related to Korean architecture found in Wikipedia - From Wikipedia -


Hanok __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - 


hanok-de __ The Hanok is the traditional form of the Korean House.  Learn all about them with photos and text. - illustrated - From -


History of Korean Architecture __ Step by step trip through the history of Korean architecture. Series of essays where you discover Korea's architectural heritage from the prehistoric through the end of the Choson. - From GyeongSang National University -


Korean architecture __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Korean Architecture (Prehistoric Period, Three Kingdoms Period, Unified Shilla Period, Koryo Dynasty, Choson Dynasty, Residential Buildings, Modern Period,... __ several click-to-read articles covering these many aspects of Korean architecture and architectural history. - illustrated - from -




Korean Traditional Architecture __ Chang Sup Yoon describes the development of traditional building forms and styles in Korea from the Neolithic period to the 19th century. - From Chang Sup Yoon -


Korean Traditional Architecture __ Annotated gallery. - illustrated - From -  


Living with the elements: the Korean house __ "In Korea, the relationship between climate, culture and building generates a distinctive domestic architecture that works with, rather than against, the elements and has wider lessons for building and living in harmony with nature." An essay about traditional Korean house design. - From The Architectural Review -


Palace Architecture of Ch'cagdok-kung __ "It is the author's assertion that the role of Taoism in architecture, furniture making and handicraft, which were designed and produced by Korean artisans, cannot be overemphasized, ..." An overview of this 17th century palace and the social changes behind it.  You will also find links to other periods of Korean architecture history. - From -


Simulating Traditional Korean Architecture Interactively and Intelligently on the Web __ Detailed overview of traditional Korean architecture. A PDF file. - illustrated - From / Jie Eun Hwang and Jin Won Choi -




Still, slow waters of Korean architecture __ An interesting article about Byeongsan Seowon, a memorial hall for Confucian scholars in Andong, North Gyeongsang, that dates back to the 16th century.. - illustrated - From -


Traditional Korean Architecture __ Slide show of Korean architecture. - illustrated - From -


Traditional Korean Houses __ "The traditional Korean house is called hanok in Korean. ATA has surveyed hanoks preserved in Korea to make their data in the forms of drawing, photo, and text. The surveyed hanoks are listed below, classified by region. Click a name of hanok to see the introductory text and slides." - illustrated - From -


Traditional Korean Houses __ A general overview of traditional Korean house architecture. - illustrated - From -    


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