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American Ferret Association, Inc. __ Jam-packed with information about ferrets and their care. - From -

Care for ferrets __ "Caring for ferrets requires knowledge and time to keep your pet happy and healthy." Learn the basics here. - From -

Caring for a Sick Ferret __ "Caring for a sick ferret can be a scary, challenging, and rewarding experience. Whether it is a cold or a life threatening illness, ferrets really benefit from constant attention and love. It is imperative that you contact or take your ferret to a veterinarian any time it is sick. What may start out as a simple cold or flu could turn into pneumonia or dehydration." - From -

Caring for your FIRST Ferret __ "Whether you are considering adopting a ferret from the Ferret Information Rescue Shelter & Trust Society, are planning to purchase one from a pet store, or have one of your own, FIRST wants to help you provide the best possible home and care for your pet. To this end, we have prepared this brochure to explain briefly some of the habits and concerns of these active and affectionate animals." - illustrated - From -



Domestic Ferret Information Site Ferret Proofing and Care __ "Information on ferret care, ferret proofing, health issues, chat and more!" Much more - illustrated - From -

Ferret FAQ __ Frequently asked questions and answers. - From -


Ferret Universe-Vital information on ferret care, health ... __ "Ferret Universe - ferret information, owning ferrets, ferret care, ferret health, distemper vaccines, adrenal disease, ADV, Aleutian Disease, insulinoma, ECE, the angora ferret, marshall farms, ferret universe message board and chat room, ferret photos, ect." Well, they certainly do have it covered. - illustrated - From -

Ferrets R #1: Promoting the Care and Protection of Ferrets __ "a nonprofit no-kill shelter in Northern Virginia dedicated to helping rescue and place domestic ferrets" A lot of car information in the form of questions and answers along with other resources. - From -



How to Care for Ferrets __ "Ferrets' ancestors were den animals, so the home you create should be like a den, too. Use a wire cage that's at least 18 inches long, 18 inches deep, and 30 inches wide. Many ferrets prefer bi-level cages that feature stairs or ramps that they can climb, and shelves or hammocks where they can perch. Avoid aquariums, which provide poor ventilation." Just some of the information you will find about ferret care here. - From Humane Society of the United States -

Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association __ "The Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association is a two-branch ferret shelter devoted to helping the needs of ferrets and ferret owners in the state of Pennsylvania and nearby communities." Detailed information about ferrets and care. - From -




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