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African Grey Parrot Care __ Some basic information and images. - illustrated - from -

Bird Feeding Tips – Pet Bird Health – Caring For Parrots __ Several articles about bird care including things specific for parrots. - From -


Caring For Your Pet Parrot __ You will find basic parrot care. - From -  


How to Care for a Parrot __ From setting up a cage, to grooming, feeding and more. - From -


Information Center for Parrot Care From Veterinary Associates ... __ A commercial site but with a good deal of care information in links lower on the page. - From -



Parrots - Parrot Care, Training, and Behavior __ "Althought [sic] the internet can be a wonderful source of information, you have probably found that much of what you have read is not consistent and often conflicts. If you are a new or prospective parrot owner, this can be very confusing. Unfortunately, many of the sites on the internet were written by people with little or no experience, and it is very difficult for the novice to separate good information from the bad. In these pages I will offer you a common sense approach for keeping parrots based on my 20 years of experience in taming, training and raising parrots." - From Judy Leach -

Your First Bird : Parrot Education It's A Grey's World __ "We take caring for Parrots very seriously. There are too many homeless pets in the world and we want you to take measures in preventing this issue. Prior to purchasing a parrot, here are a few things you should reflect on..." - From It’s A Grey’s World -




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