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Free Information Caring for Goldfish __ "Goldfish care is critical for the health of your goldfish. Unfortunately, goldfish are very vulnerable to disease, with young goldfish even more so" A brief look. - From -

Goldfish __ "The goldfish is quite hardy which accounts for part of its popularity. Their supposed reputation in some areas for dying quickly is often due to poor care amongst uninformed buyers, especially children, looking for a "cheap" pet." You will find an encyclopedic article which includes information about care and feeding, along with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Goldfish Care __ "This site discusses ways to care for your goldfish. Perhaps you have just bought a goldfish on the spur of the moment and you have no idea on how to care for it, or maybe you know the basics of goldfish care but not much, like how to clean the tank or what foods or plants you can give to your goldfish."  You can find here. - illustrated - From -



Goldfish Information - Caring For Goldfish __ A lot of good information with links to more detail. - From -

How to Buy Koi for Your Fish Pond __ "How to Buy Koi for Your Fish PondKoi, Japanese-bred ornamental carp, are prized for their beauty and magnificent coloring. You should be committed to caring for the fish before investing in them, as koi can live for 20 years or longer, reaching lengths of 3 feet (.9 m) and more. Many koi owners cherish their pets with a passion." Basic information and links to related materials. - From -



Information about caring for gold fish __ "Information about caring for gold fish: despite common depiction of goldfish swimming in bowls, they should not be kept in such cramped containers. The limited space gives stress to your goldfish and eventually stunts their growth." A brief overview of goldfish care. - From -

Mona's Koi: Koi Tips - Caring for your new koi and goldfish __ Basic care and water quality information. - From -

Seasonal Issues of Caring for Koi __ Seasonal care information about your koi pond. - From -




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