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Chişinău __ "...the capital city and industrial and commercial centre of Moldova. It is also the largest city of Moldova and is located in the centre of the country, on the river Bîc." You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Chisinau - the capital of Moldova: History __ "One can hardly find a city, that celebrated its 500-year anniversary twice, but Kishinev is the one:" Find out more. - illustrated - from -

Chişinău - Facts from the Encyclopedia - Yahoo! Education __ A brief encyclopedic entry. - From -;_ylt=Aj7AOD9UG4h2XYQGEEYN.aUZvskF


Chisinau Local customs - Travel Guide __ "How to act like a local in Chisinau, Moldova. Real Chisinau tips and photos posted by real travelers and locals. Get insider info on Chisinau laws, tipping, language, customs, money and more." - illustrated - From -

Chisinau Map, Map of Chisinau __ "Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of Chisinau as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Chisinau maps." - From -

Chisinau Map - Map of Chisinau, Moldova __ "Map of Chisinau - find local attractions, hotels, restaurants, shops, airports and entertainment venues on this interactiveMap of Chisinau." - From - 

Chisinau Photos __ Here are galleries of click-to-enlarge photos of Chisinau, Moldova. - illustrated - From - 

Chisinau pictures __ You will find a small gallery of photos from Chisinau along with other information about the city. - illustrated - From -

Chisinau pictures, Chisinau images __ "Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to the pictures of Chisinau as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Chisinau images and photos." - From - 
Chisinau travel guide __ You will find information on Chisinau travel, including photos of Chisinau and reviews. - illustrated - From -


Chişinău travel guide __ "Open source travel guide to Chişinău, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more." - From - 

City Map of Chisinau __ Interactive map of the city of Chisinau. - From -|moldova|chisinau

Kishinev Airport - Airport Fact Sheet __ Basic airport information and flight information. - from - 
Kishinev is the capital of the Republic of Moldova __ Official site for the City of Kishinev, capital of the Republic of Moldova. "Having preserved for centuries, the remains of the former watchtowers situated on the seven hills of the city and the ruins of the old fortifications used by the inhabitants as shelters and protection against the foreign invasions are true witnesses of the past. The history of the city is reflected in the city's edifices, monuments, memorable places, parks, squares etc." A good look at the city. - illustrated - From - 

Kishinev, Moldova __ Annotated gallery of photo images of Kishinev - illustrated - from -

Moldova in images - 1 - Chisinau / Kishinev - ... __ You will find several pages of annotated, click-to-enlarge photos of Chisinau / Kishinev. - illustrated - From -

population of chisinau 2010 __ Chisinau populstion figure - From -

Trade Shows Worldwide - Chisinau (Moldova) __ Trade Shows in Chisinau - From -

What is Chisinau city profile? __ You will find a brief description of Chisinau. - illustrated - From -

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