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Acropolis Athens Greece __ "The Acropolis hill (acro - edge, polis - city), so called the "Sacred Rock" of Athens, is the most important site of the city and constitutes one of the most recognizable monuments of the world." Overview and history - illustrated - From - 

Ancient City of Athens, The __ "A photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). It is intended primarily as a resource for students of classical languages, civilization, art, archaeology, and history who may wish to take a "virtual tour" - 

Architecture of Athens, Greece - Great Buildings Online __ A selection of click-to-view images of Athenian architecture. - illustrated - From Great Buildings Online -

Area of Athens __ Size of city in square kilometers - From - 


Athens __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From Wikipedia -
Athens Greece Guide-travel and tourist information __ View images of the 2004 games, find out about other cultural and scenic attractions, learn about museums, the port, and a lot more. - illustrated - From - 

Athens, Greece - Travel Photos __ Gallery of annotated photos of Athens, Greece. - illustrated - From -

Athens International Airport __ General information and flight times. - From -  

Athens News __ Online English language newspaper. - illustrated - From Athens News -

Athens Photos, Greece: Discover our photos in Athens __ "Our photos of Athens, Greece: A collection of Athens photos - Attica - Greek islands but also much travel information: history, museums, beaches, ..." Some great click-to-enlarge pictures of Athens, Greece. - illustrated - From -

Athens - Social Studies for Kids __ Lesson plans and resources for ancient Athens and ancient Greece. - From -  

Athens Survival Guide __ What can I say. This site is jammed with information and images of the city. "Athens is not what it used to be. It is better. What they have done to Athens to prepare for the Olympics is turn a city, known for its faults as much as its assets, into one of the most walkable, livable, exciting, art, music and entertainment centers in the world." - illustrated - From - 

Athens Tourism: A guide to tourism in Athens __ You will find a wide range of tourist oriented information from where to catch the busses in the city to the best time of year to go. In fact, you could spend a lot of time going through all this site offers. - illustrated - From - 

Athens Travel __ "Redolent with mythology, smeared with grime, Athens is an affable city enlivened by outdoor cafes, pedestrian streets, parks, gardens and urban eccentrics. If you get into the Athenian mindset, you might not even notice the layer of nefos (smog) overhead." This and more. - From - 


City map of Athens Greece __ A detailed map of the city with full street index. Click on "full map" to get started. - illustrated - From - - The Guide To Athens city, Greece __ "Within the sprawling city of Athens it is easy to imagine the golden age of Greece when Pericles had the Parthenon built. When the tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides were performed in the Theater of Dionysus. And when democracy brought all citizens together to decide their common fate on the Pynx Hill." There are photos, videos, history, points of interest and much more. - From - 
History of Athens __ "The History of Athens is one of the longest of any city in Europe and in the world. Athens has been continuously inhabited for at least 3,000 years." An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -

History of Athens __ A good look at Athenian history. "Read more on the long and interesting history of Athens through the ages using the left links on this page." - illustrated - From - 

Museums in Athens __ A good guide to museums and collections in the city. - From -

Pictures of Athens, Greece __ Small gallery but great pictures of Athens. - illustrated - From -

population of Athens 2010 __ Athens population figure - From -  


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