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Diabetes is a serious disease requiring professional medical attention. The recipes provided by the links from this site should not be considered as medical advice, nor as a substitute for the same.
The resource links found on this page lead to more than 25,000 recipes for diabetics.  What is listed here is only a starting point since the number of such websites is enormous and constantly in flux.  It would be impossible to cover them all in a directory such as this. The ones selected have demonstrated 'stability' and may have a commercial element as well as excellent information.  Such selection does not constitute an endorsement of any commercial product by or its editor.

Allrecipes Recipe Index: Diabetic Recipes __ A collection of user submitted recipes.  Some have been rated. - From -   

Astray Recipes: diabetic __ I found over 2000 great recipes here. - From - 

Aunt Runner's Diabetic Recipes __ A nice collection of recipes plus a lot more. - From -

Beef Recipes __ "These hearty beef recipes are full of protein and low in carbs, making them perfect additions to your diabetes meal plan!" - illustrated - From -  


Children with DIABETES - Readers' Favorite Recipes __ "Here are recipes that are sure to please, and they're mostly sugar free! Each is on its own page to make it easy for you to print a copy to make tonight. Recipes marked GF are gluten free for celiac." - From - - Recipes - Diabetic Baking __ Several baked recipes for savory and desserts alike. - From -,1-0,diabetic_baking,FF.html  

Cooks Recipes | Diabetic Recipes and Low-Carb Recipes at __ You will find hundreds of recipes divided by food type. - From -

Diabetic Beef Recipes __ Dozens of click-to-read recipes for diabetics featuring beef. - From -

Diabetic Chicken Recipes __ You will find a few dozen delicious chicken recipes for diabetics. - From -

Diabetic Cooking Magazine __ Online edition with articles recipes and more. - From -

Diabetic Dessert Recipes from Diabetic Gourmet Magazine __ "Huge collection of low carb Dessert recipes and diabetic Dessert recipes for people living with diabetes or looking for low-carb, sugar-free, ..."  - Illustrated - From - 

Diabetic Diet Plan Recipes | Free Low Sugar Recipes To Help Create ... __ "The recipes on this site are generally lower in sugar and calories than their traditional counterparts. With a little creativity ingredients can be left out or substituted in most recipes to make them diabetic friendly. There are some great recipes here."  An extensive collection covering many categories. - From -  

Diabetic Recipe Archive : Diabetic Recipes From Diabetic Gourmet Magazine __ Here is a website jam-packed with recipes for the diabetic.  You will find hundreds. - From - 


Diabetic Recipes __ Here is a large collection of recipes for everything from entree through dessert.  They are not divided by 'topic' you will need to look through them all. - From - 

Diabetic Recipes __ Dozens of tasty recipes and meal ideas. - illustrated - From -

Diabetic Recipes __ "With over 8000 free diabetic recipes, enjoying dining again!"  A searchable database of diabetic recipes. - From -

Diabetic Recipes __ "...collection of over 800 diabetic and heart-healthy recipes that have been developed for your personal use so that you and your family and friends can all sit down to a meal together, knowing that you'll be enjoying delicious food while helping you to control your diabetes."  Entree through dessert, many recipes here. - From -


Diabetes recipes - __ "It's not always easy to follow your diabetes meal plan day after day, but these delicious recipes may help."  You will find a few hundred recipes. - illustrated - From -   

Diabetic Recipes and Sugar Free Recipes __ "Diabetic recipes and sugar free recipes from Lifeclinic."  A good collection ranging from entree through desserts.  Some illustrated - From -

Diabetic Recipes | Sugar Free | Low Carb | Easy Healthy Recipes __ "Dozens of sugar free, low carb, easy diabetic recipes for healthy meals, cakes & baking, desserts, smoothies & snack, for your diabetic diet." - illustrated - From -

Equal recipes and information __ You will find a good collection of recipes. - From Equal Sweetener - 

Free Diabetes Recipes: Cooking Tips for a Diabetic-Friendly Meal __ Lots of diabetes information and some recipes. - From - 

Healthy Diabetic Recipes - a database of recipes suitable for diabetics __ You will find dozens of recipes here. - From - 

Jeanine's Sugar-Free Recipes __ A good collection ranging from breakfast to desserts. - From - 


KYoung's Recipes for Diabetics : COLLECTION __ You will find a collection of mostly scrumptious, marvelous, sweet things which I now no longer have to miss. - From Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science -

Printable Chicken Recipes for Diabetics __ "Healthy chicken recipes taylored to the diabetic diet!" - From - 

RecipeSource: Diabetic Recipes __ You will find over 700 recipes here. - From - 


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