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Ages of Albania __ "The ruins at Butrint reflect an extraordinary history, from the rise of the Iron Age to the fall of the Iron Curtain."  An abstract but still a lot of information. - illustrated - From archaeology.org - http://www.archaeology.org/0603/abstracts/butrint.html

Albania Archaeology in Photos __ Annotated gallery of Click-to-enlarge photos of Albanian archaeology sites. - illustrated - From about.com - http://archaeology.about.com/od/albania/ig/Albania-Archaeology-in-Photos/

Albania - Apollonia __ Learn the history of archaeological research at this site dating mostly from Hellenistic and Roman Periods. - illustrated - From diplomatie.gouv.fr - http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/france-priorities_1/archaeology_2200/archaeology-notebooks_2202/europe-maghreb_2210/albania-apollonia_2212/index.html 

Albania - Sovjan Overview of Archaeological Site __ "Sovjan is the only site in Albania that offers a series of levels of dwellings from the Bronze Age, clearly dated and rich both in archaeological furnishings, organic remains and architectural vestiges. "  A general overview. - illustrated - From diplomatie.gouv.fr - http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/france-priorities_1/archaeology_2200/archaeology-notebooks_2202/europe-maghreb_2210/albania-sovjan_6172/overview-of-archaeological-site_11015.html

Albanian Archaeology - Archaeology of Albania __ "Archaeological sites, researchers, universities, cultural history and other resources of Albania." - From about.com - http://archaeology.about.com/od/albania/Albania_Archaeology.htm

Albanian Heritage Foundation __ "Albanian Heritage is a non-governmental organization that engages in not-for-profit activities. The mission of Albanian Heritage is to protect, conserve, promote and research into the Albanian historic environment whilst encouraging and supporting sustainable and responsible development.  Learn about current archaeological research and plans for the future. - illustrated - From albanianheritage.net - http://www.albanianheritage.net/

The Albanian Institute of Archaeology - Butrint, Albania __ "Following the war, Butrint lay abandoned until the late 1950s; the museum was closed and photographs show the site as overgrown."  Learn what has happened there since. - illustrated - From butrint.org - http://www.butrint.org/rediscovery_6_1.php 

Albanian Synagogue Surfaces __ "Intricately designed mosaic floors in the synagogue show traditional Jewish iconography, including a menorah."  A good article. - illustrated - From archaeology.org - http://www.archaeology.org/0401/newsbriefs/albania.html

Archaeologists hail unique find in Albania __ "Archaeologists unearthed a Roman bust from the 2nd century AD hailed as the most important archaeological find of the last 50 years in Albania, ..."  A news story from 2010. - illustrated - From physorg.com - http://www.physorg.com/news201528752.html

Archaeology in Albania after Kosovo __ "In the 50 years after its opening in 1948 by dictator Enver Hoxhe, Albania's Institute of Archaology is now suffering from a funding shortage, but is still maintinaing [sic] its work and museum." Learn what is happening now and plans for the future. - From historytoday.com - http://www.historytoday.com/richard-hodges/archaeology-albania-after-kosovo 

Butrint Photos __ You will find a collection of photographs from the archaeologically important city of Butrint. - illustrated - From Galen Frysinger - http://www.galenfrysinger.com/butrint_albania.htm

Category:Archaeological sites in Albania __ List of articles related to Albanian archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Archaeological_sites_in_Albania

Earliest urbanized settlements in the hinterland of Apollonia __ Full text of this Masters thesis online. - From scribd.com - http://www.scribd.com/doc/32317817/Earliest-urbanized-settlements-in-the-hinterland-of-Apollonia-Lafe-Ols-2004  

Greek Temple at Apollonia __ "It took a hunch, hard work and a heck of a lot of diplomacy. But the payoff is spectacular: Archeologists from the University of Cincinnati have discovered a previously unknown Greek temple outside the ancient Greek city-state of Apollonia."  A report on the research. - illustrated - From uc.edu - http://www.uc.edu/News/NR.aspx?ID=2601

Illyrians.org - Stolen Archaeology of Albania __ Read about the return of some "stolen" artifacts to Albania. - From illyrians.org - http://www.illyrians.org/stolenarc.html

Kosova Crisis Center - The Question of Illyrian-Albanian Continuity... __ For an interesting look at politics and archaeology, this is an excellent read. - By Dr. Aleksander Stipcevic - http://www.alb-net.com/illyrians.htm

Lofkėnd Archaeological Project __ Learn about the Excavations at the prehistoric burial tumulus of Lofkėnd in Albania with an overview of the finds and a photo gallery. - illustratted - From ucla.edu - http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/ioa/staff/papadopoulos/lofkend/

Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project __ "MRAP is a multi-disciplinary and diachronic archaeological expedition formally organized in 1996 to investigate the history of prehistoric and historic settlement and land use in central Albania..." The research is centered on the Greek colony called Apollonia. Several seasonal reports and related links. - illustrated - From The Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project/University of Cincinnati - http://river.blg.uc.edu/mrap/MRAP_en.html

Museum of Apollonia __ Learn about the archaeological museum of Apollonia, Albania. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museum_of_Apollonia

Regional Archaeological Research in Albania __ "In May-June of 1998, a team of Albanian and American archaeologists gathered to inaugurate a joint project of regional archaeological study in the vicinity of the ancient city of Apollonia (founded in 588 B.C.), located near the modern-day city of Fier, ..."  Learn about the research and results. - illustrated - From frosina.org - http://www.frosina.org/about/infobits.asp?id=145

Shala Valley Project __ "The Shala Valley Project (SVP) is an interdisciplinary, regional studies project focused on the Shala River valley of the Dukagjin region of the northern Albanian high mountains. The project supports integrated programs of archaeological, ethnographic, ethno-historical, and geo-scientific research."  A lot of information, links and references. - illustrated - From millsaps.edu - http://www.millsaps.edu/svp/

Under Albanian Soil __ "A brief history of archaeological activity, both past and present, in Albania" - illustrated - From archaeology.org - http://www.archaeology.org/online/features/albania/



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