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Archeological Dig in the Moscow Kremlin __ A very brief article and a goods photo essay. - illustrated - From -

Archaeological Sites in Russia __ "What you need to know about the most important archaeological sites found in the modern day country of Russia." - From -

Archaeology of the Hsiung-nu in Russia __ "The Hsiung-nu (Huns of Asia ) headed a powerful alliance of cattle-breeding tribes in the late 3rd - the early 2nd century B.C. and dominated in the eastern part of Central Asia during two centuries,..."  A detailed look at the archaeological research. - From -

Athena Review 1,3: Russian Archaeology __ "Excavations in Moscow are changing the way history thinks about medieval Russia." - photo - From Athena Review -

The Baikal Archaeology Project __ You will find research of the cultural and biological dynamics of prehistoric boreal forest hunter-gatherer societies in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia. - illustrated - From -


The Khazar Fortress of Sarkel __ "Of all of the excavated Khazarian cities, the one which provided the richest material remains was Sarkel, which was flooded in 1952 upon the completion of the new Tsimlyansky Reservoir. Archaeological work at the Sarkel site was never fully completed, and it is not possible to conduct further studies." But a lot had been discovered before the work stopped. There is a lot of material to cover. - illustrated - By Kevin Brook -

The Khazaria Info Center - Khazars, Khazar,... __ About the 10th century civilization known as the Khazars. "The Khazars had built a Jewish empire in the heart of the Black Sea region." - photos - By the Kazar Information Center -

Maritime Archaeology in Russia __ "The first underwater archaeological works in Russia started in the beginning of our century. In this time an ancient harbour was investigated at Feodosia, at the Black Sea, as well as a post-medieval boat in the northern part of Chudskoe Lake. But those were only the first experiences from land archaeologists in a water environment." You will find a discussion of the problems and history of underwater archaeology in the Black Sea, from Peter Sorokin of the Russian Academy of Science. - From Peter Sorokin -


Rock Art in Russia Far East and Siberia __ "There are about half a million of petroglyphs known in Siberia and the Far East of Russia. Nobody knows up to now how many are still to be discovered."  You will find a good overview of the topic. - illustrated - From -

Russian Archaeological Digs __ Information about a couple of Russian digs along with information on how to participate. - illustrated - From -

Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital - ABC News __ "Russian archaeologists say they have found the long-lost capital of the Khazar kingdom in southern Russia, a breakthrough for research on the ancient Jewish state."  A news article. - From -   

Russian archaeology __ A very brief encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Russian dig among Top-10 archaeology discoveries of the year __ A news story.  "Archaeology, a leading US-based scientific journal on the subject, listed the discovery of the palace of King Mithradates VI, a legendary foe of Rome, in Southern Russia among the 10 most important findings of the year." - illustrated - From -

Scythian Gold From Siberia Said to Predate the Greeks __ "Russian scholars from the State Hermitage Museum have concluded that a discovery of Scythian gold in a Siberian grave last summer is the earliest of its kind ever found and that it predates Greek influence."  An article about the find. - From -

Warrior Women of Eurasia __ "The warrior women known to ancient Greek authors as Amazons were long thought to be creatures of myth. Now 50 ancient burial mounds near the town of Pokrovka, Russia, near the Kazakhstan border, have yielded skeletons of women buried with weapons, ..."  Do legends of the Amazons have any basis in fact?  You may find out here. - From -   



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