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As some Scandinavian countries are also Baltic countries, much of what might be considered Scandinavian archaeology may be found there.

Akurvik (Iceland) __ Learn about the archaeological research at an early medieval fishing station in north Iceland. - illustrated - From -

Archaeologists celebrate ancient Scandinavian settlement find ... __ "An important new find by a team of Swedish archaeologists indicates that the Finland-Sweden border area around the Torne River Valley was inhabited up to 11,000 years ago."  A news article. - From -

Archaeology of Greenland __ An introductory article along with links to additional resources. - From -

Archaeoastronomy in Denmark __ "Danish historians do not yet accept astronomical explanations to prehistoric findings; instead, they prefer other interpretations. In other countries the subject is more accepted . In England the subject was taken seriously after the interpretation of Stonehenge as a Sun-Moon observatory (Hawkins, 1963). Since then several stonemonuments have been explained in a similar way." Learn about what is taking place in Denmark in archaeoastronomy in this brief overview. - From Erling Poulsen -


Category:Archaeology of Greenland __ List of articles related to Greenland archaeology found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -

Category:Scandinavian archaeology __ List of articles related to Scandinavian archaeology found in Wikipedia -

Archaeology in Europe - Early Scandinavian Prehistory __ Begin with this page starting at 2500 BCE and progress through the Iron Age and more. - From - 

The Fate of Greenland's Vikings __ "Some people call it the Farm under the Sand, others Greenland's Pompeii. Dating to the mid-fourteenth century, it was once the site of a Viking colony founded along the island's grassy southwestern coast that stretches in a fjord-indented ribbon between the glaciers and the sea."  An article revealing just what the excavations found. - illustrated - From -

Iceland's Unwritten Saga __ "Even when the weather is clear, gusts of wind lash the hillsides overlooking the Viking-age farm at Hrísheimar leaving the land raw and strewn with pebbles."  Article about the archaeological research and results. - illustrated - From -


The Mosfell Archaeological Project __ A project dealing with the era of the Vikings in Iceland. You will find several reports including participants, history, archaeological research and more. An overall good read. - illustrated - From UCLA -

Rune Stones - Scandinavian Archaeology - Anthropology - Artifacts ... __ "The rune stone collection at the Milwaukee Public museum is comprised of ten replica rune stones. The replicas are smaller reproductions of large rune stones found in Scandinavia."  Article and images of the stones. - From - 

Scandinavian Archaeology - Anthropology - Artifacts - Collections ... __ "The Scandinavian archaeology collection at the Milwaukee Public Museum is predominantly from Denmark."  Learn about the region and the collection. - illustrated - From -

Scandinavian Canadian Studies: Archaeology in Iceland __ "The recent archaeological emphasis on the study of settlement patterns, landscape and palaeoenvironments has shaped and re-shaped our understanding of the Viking settlement of Iceland. This paper reviews the developments in Icelandic archaeology..." - From Halstad McGuire -


Some links to Swedish archaeology __ Good list of resources including institutions, web sites, articles and more. - From Magnus Reuterdahl -

The Struggle for Theoretical Correctness in Swedish Archaeology... __ Paper about post-modernism philosophy and its effects on Swedish archaeology - From "The European Archaeologist" - 

Unique Pentagonal Temple __ About an unusual Iron Age temple found in Sweden - photo - From the Archaeological Institute of America -


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