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Acoustics __ Here is an encyclopedia article which provides students with information about acoustics including ultrasonics, electromagnetic radiation, and waves. - From - 

Acoustics FAQ __ Questions and answers for those seriously interested in acoustics. - From Andrew Silverman - 

Art Ludwig's Sound Page __ Read a definition of sound, learn details about human hearing, room acoustics, and more. Also a section containing equations and theories about the physics of sound. - illustrated - From Art Ludwig - 

Beyond Discovery: Sounding Out the Ocean's Secrets __ Sound travels almost five times faster in water than in air. That's just one of the things you will about sound from this site. You will discover underwater acoustics, learn about early scientists the field, and find a time line demonstrating advances in underwater acoustics. - 


Fear of Physics: Introduction to What Sound Is __ Here is a great introduction to the physics of sound for a beginning student. - illustrated - From - 

Household Science for Kids: Sound & Noise __ You will find two at-home projects for kids which demonstrate the properties of sound. - illustrated - From - 

An Introduction to Underwater Acoustics __ You will find a very brief overview of the basic principles of underwater acoustics. - illustrated - From National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - 

The Physics Classroom: Sound __ "The nature of sound as a longitudinal, mechanical pressure wave is explained and the properties of sound are discussed. Wave principles of resonance and standing waves are applied in an effort to analyze the physics of musical instruments." - illustrated - From - 


Science of Sound: Sound Site __ Here is a website where you can explore the science of sound. It includes online activities, discussions, and sound cards.- illustrated - From Science Museum of Minnesota -

Sound __ A list of experiments which demonstrate the properties of sound. Material lists and instructions are provided. - illustrated - From J. C. Sprott -

Sound __ You will find an informational page about sound. Read details on characteristics of sound waves and musical sounds. - From -


Sound Waves __"Sound is caused by small areas of high and low pressure progragating outward from the source." This page provides about sound waves. Demonstrations of waves are included. - illustrated - From University of Manitoba -

WHOI Ocean Acoustics Lab __ The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's page has research information on acoustic monitoring of sediment transport, ocean acoustic tomography and Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation or SWARM. It also contains links to the Acoustic Telemetry Group, the Coastal and Ocean Fluid Dynamics Lab and the Deep Submergence Lab at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. - From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution -


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