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  __ You will find facts and statistical information about planets, moons, constellations, stars, galaxies, and more. This link may open a new window in your browser. - illustrated - From -

Aladin sky atlas __ Interactive sky atlas which allows the viewer to visualize digitized images, superimpose entries from astronomical catalogs, and access data from databases. - illustrated - From Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg - 

Astro Watch - Your Interstellar Home for Astronomy Facts __ "Astro Watch is your interstellar home for astronomy facts. Whether you need information for a science fair project, an essay, or to help pass that test or quiz, we have all the astronomy information you need." A lot of good information here. - illustrated - 

Astronomy articles, forums, listings, and other resources about Astronomy __ An all purpose website covering many aspects of astronomy including all those things listed in the title. It may take you some time to cover everything found here. - illustrated - From John Huggins - 

Astronomy - Astro for kids __ Several articles about astronomy aimed at the younger student. They change frequently. - illustrated - From - 



Astronomy Interactive Network Home __ "Here you will find a comprehensive look at Optical and Radio Astronomy, and a timeline of important events beginning at 2500 BC. Find out how the universe was created, and learn about past and present astronomers." Also glossary, games, and quizzes - illustrated - From ThinkQuest -  
Astronomy For Kids __ An excellent resource for kids which includes information about the Solar System, deep space, news and much more. Information for teachers, students and free online classes. - illustrated - from - 


Astronomy For Kids __ Very basic introduction to astronomy for the younger student. A website built by kids for kids. - illustrated - From KidaOutaControl - 

Astronomy News, Star Charts, Space Pictures - __ You will find daily astronomy and space news, star charts, pictures of planets, space missions, eclipses and much more. - illustrated - From Kalmbach Publishing Co - 



Astronomy Picture of the Day __ "Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer." Everything is also archived so if you have the time, you can tour the universe. - illustrated - From NASA - 

The Astronomy Thesaurus __ You will find astronomy terms in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian; all terms cross referenced. - From International Astronomical Union - 

Beyond Our Skies: Discovering the Cosmos __ You will find a project presenting the history and basics of astronomy. - illustrated - From ThinkQuest - 
A black hole that goes the distance __ "The mass of the most distant black hole known has been measured, and it's a behemoth. The black hole lies some 13 billion light-years away and weighs the equivalent of 3 billion suns..."Learn how it was found, measured and weighed. - From Gale Group - 

Dark Skies Astronomy Page __ You will find Dark Skies to be a light-hearted page full of general information about astronomy. All done with something slightly more than a touch of humor. Laugh and learn at the same time. "Here at Dark Skies, a lot of questions are asked. At least, it's fun to pretend that a lot of questions are asked. For efficiency reasons, questions which have really been asked have been mixed with questions which should have been asked in the opinion of people who don't ask questions. This results in a nice, informative document which turns out to be more practical than it would be if it were empty." - illustrated - From Mike McGavin - 

E/PO at STScI __ Webpage of the Hubble Telescope. A one word review - "Wow." You should drop by this place while you are here. You will find news, galleries, a quiz, info for teachers and students and much more. - illustrated - From Space Telescope Science Institute - 



The Interstellar Medium __ You will find a collection of papers and studies featured in Science with the Hubble Space Telescope. - From Space Telescope Science Institute - 

Jet astronomy: tracing the fire from black holes __ "Jets of high-speed particles riddle the celestial canvas. They are generated by dramatically different objects: nascent stars still in the process of coalescing, massive stars that have collapsed to form the smallest of black holes, and supermassive black holes weighing as much as a billion suns." You will find an interesting paper. - from Ron Cowen - 

KryssTal : History of Astronomy __ As the site states, you will find everything "From Creation Myths to Big Bang Cosmology" - From - 

Measuring the Stars __ "The stars appear in the sky as twinkling points of light of varying brightness and colours. Unlike the Moon or the planets, no surface or features are visible on the stars even through very powerful telescopes. Even so, astronomers have been able to determine many of the properties of the stars simply by studying the light reaching the Earth." You will find a series of essays and papers describing how this is done. - From - 

The Munich Astro Archive __ You will find data and articles about astronomical objects. - From C. Kronberg -

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial __ A place to answer questions you may have about black holes, the universe, new discoveries, and much more. - illustrated - from Edward L. Wright - 

The Nine Planets __ A grand tour of the Solar System. " an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information." - illustrated - from William A. Arnett - 
The Online Planetarium Show __ "View space as seen through the Hubble Telescope with the interactive planetarium program "Hubble from Here to Eternity." Take the guided tour or wander through the marvelous photos and information including planets, galaxies, black holes, and other phenomena in the universe. An excellent table of contents makes finding specific topics such as the biographies of astronomers or the mythology behind the stars easy." - illustrated - From ThinkQuest - 

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: Home Page __ Just as in any other science, astronomy is flooded with the "alternative theorist," pseudo-science, creationism, and other nonsensical astronomy. Here you will find the answers to many of these spurious claims as well as links to other "bad science" resources. - illustrated - From Phil Plait - 

Size Comparison of Celestial Objects __ Stars, planets, moons and more. Within each picture, size is listed from largest to smallest. - illustrated - from -

Strange New Worlds - astronomy - Brief Article __ But not too brief to get a point across. Learn about new planets found around other stars and new planet detection. - From American Museum of Natural History/Gale Group -
Sun-Earth Misconceptions __ How many things do we commonly believe about the Sun and the Earth that are actually wrong? More than we realize? You can find out here. - From NASA - 



Universe Today __ This review comes from Phil Plait's website. Why should I try to rewrite what is already excellent? "Looking for the current space and astronomy news? There are lots of news sites out there, and my friend Fraser Cain collects the best stuff on his website The Universe Today. It's updated daily with news and information about, well, the Universe today." - illustrated - From Universe Today - 

Welcome to __ There is something here for most everybody from kids to professional astronomers. An excellent place to begin an astronomy homework or science project. - illustrated - From US Government -

Will a Nearby Supernova Endanger Life on Earth? __ You will find an important paper dealing with the subject. I recommend reading it. - From Michael Richmond - 



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