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*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.



Angles and Geometry activity __ An interesting activity for younger children using a cheer to learn angles.  Great at recess. - From -

CK-12 Foundation : College Access Reader: Geometry - Lesson Plans __ You will find a collection of five, click-to-access lesson plans and units.  The plans themselves are PDF files. - From - 

Concepts In Geometry __ "Have students research different proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem and create a poster demonstrating one such proof using print and Web resources." goals, materials, procedure. - From -

Discovering Math: Exploring Geometry __ "Construct a three-dimensional model of a city using similar and congruent figures and geometric transformations.  Goals, proce4dure, materials. - From -

Elementary Geometry Resources __ You will find dozens of lesson plans, grades 1-5. - From -

Exploring Geometric Figures Grade 10 6-Day Lesson Plan __ "Students will increase their knowledge of geometric shapes such as
triangles, polygons, circles, and quadrilaterals..."  A PDF file. Goals, procedure. - From -

Geometric Solids __ A geometry lesson plan for kindergarten - From - 

Geometry Lesson Plans __ Here are geometry lessons for K-12 teachers. Goals, procedure, materisla - From -

Geometry Lesson Plans __ You will find three dozen lessons and additional material.  Goals, procedure, materials - From -


Geometry Lesson Plans: Free Elementary & Homeschool Printable Math Lessons. __ Large collection of lesson plans and other resources. - From -

Geometry Lesson Plans, Math Ideas, and Geometry __ A collection of 31 lesson plans for all levels. - From -

Geometry Lesson Plan, Teaching Elementary Math, Geometric Shapes Worksheet __ Lesson plan with printables.  Grades 2 - 5.  Goals, procedure, materials - From - 

Geometry Lessons __ You will find lesson plans dealing with plane and solid geometries.  Goals and procedures. - From -   

The Geometry Junkyard: Coursework and Teaching Material __ You will find a collection of plane (and solid) geometry lesson plans and other resources. - From -

Geometry Unit __ "Students will be able to categorize polygons by number of sides, side length, angles, and if they have parallel or perpendicular sides..."  A three week unit. - From - 

Geometry Worksheets __ Dozens of printable worksheets for plane geometry. - From -

Geometry Worksheets __ Several geometry worksheets with quizzes. - From -


The Handley Math Page geometry lesson plans __ A good collection of lesson plans for most all grade levels. - From -

Introduction to Geometry __ This lesson will introduce younger kids to the world of Geometry. They will learn basic definitions and how to name figures and solids. illustrated - From - 

Lines, rays, and angles - free geometry lesson plan __ You will find a simple lesson with graphics, goals and procedure.  At the bottom, you will find a link that says "next lesson plan." It is another geometry lesson plan. - From -

The Math Forum - Math Library - Euclidean/Plane Geom __ This page contains lesson plans and resources relating to Euclidean Plane Geometry. - From -

Math: Geometry: Geometric Solids __ A collection of animated lessons.  Grades 5 - 7. - illustrated - From -

Math - Geometry Lesson Plans : Perimeter & Area of Triangles __ A collection lf lesson examples. - From -

Plane Shapes __ A list of teacher and family activities for teaching plane geometry. - From -

Shapes Lesson Plans for Elementary School __ A couple of dozen lesson plans. Goals, procedure materials. - From -


Tessellations (Lesson Plan) __ " able to understand and define the following terms: tessellation, polygon, angle, plane, vertex, and adjacent. " - From -

Transformational Geometry Lesson Plan __ A slide presentation of the lesson with goals, procedure and materials - illustrated - From - 

Video Geometry Lesson Plans __ This video lesson plan leads to hundreds of geometry video plans. - video -




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