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*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.


Cool math Lessons - Trigonometry - The Pythagorean Identities __ "This page shows the derivations of the three Pythagorean Identities. A "derivation" means that we need to create this from scratch - or, at least, from other things that we know." - From -

Curriki - Trigonometry __ A small collection of downloadable lesson plans.  goals, procedure and materials. - From -

dansmath - lessons page - trigonometry __ Several illustrated, and some animated, trigonometry lesson plans. - From Daniel Bach -

Discovering Math - Concepts in Precalculus I: Trigonometry lesson __ Lesson plan with goals, procedures and materials needed. - From -

Graphing Trigonometric Functions __ In this lesson plan students graph trigonometric functions using a graphing calculator.  - From -

Illuminations: Trigonometry for Solving Problems __ "This lesson offers a pair of puzzles to enforce the skills of identifying equivalent trigonometric expressons. Goals, procedure. - From -


Inspiration Lesson Plan - Using Trigonometric Values to Graph Sine and Cosine Functions (two Inspiration and 1 Powerpoint) __ "The students will demonstrate the ability to solve mathematical and real-world problems using measurement and geometric models and will justify solutions and explain processes used."  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -

Inverse Trig Function Lesson Plan __ "(Generalization of a Concept) To find the single valued inverse function of a periodic trigonometric function, the original function’s domain must be restricted on an interval so we have a new one-to-one function that fully encompasses the range of the trigonometric function. Thus, the range of the inverse function is equivalent to the domain of the new one-to-one function." I haven't the slightest idea of what this means. Goals, procedure - From -    

Lesson Plan - Adding Trigonometric Functions __ Full trig lesson plan with objectives, procedures.  Several objectives, in fact with a link to student worksheets. - From -

Lesson Plans: Intro to Trigonometry (Middle, Mathematics) __ A lesson for the introduction of trigonometry.  Procedures and goal. - From -

Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Trigonometry __ A mixed collection of resources and lesson plans.  - From - - 

Mathematics - Middle-High School Math - Trigonometry __ Collection of both lesson plans and resources. - From - 


Teaching Resources for Trigonometry __ You will find many teaching resources and lesson plans. - From -

Trigonometry Basics __ "Provides basic trigonometry tutorials for ratios, rotations, radians, graphs and graphing, cofunctions, Pythagorean, quotient identities, cosine, sine, tangent, and double identities. Also includes proving identities. 5-00 " - From -

Trigonometry - eThemes __ Collection of trigonometry lesson plans for grade 10 - 11. - From -

Trigonometry for Educators - Mathematics - Trigonometry __ "Ideas and information for teachers of trigonometry." - From -

Trigonometry Lesson Plans __ Directory of trig lesson plan resources. - From -

Trigonometry Lesson Plans __ You will find dozens to choose from.  Goals, procedure, materials. - From -


Trigonometry Lesson Plans __ A couple of lesson plans.  goals, procedure and materials. - From - 

Trigonometry Lesson Plans __ A collection of lessons with goals and procedure. - From -

Trigonometry Lesson Plans and Work Sheets __ A collection of click-to-read lessons and work sheets. - From -

Trigonometry Worksheets __ You will find many printable worksheets. - From -



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