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Amite County Mississippi in the Civil War __ Military rosters, history and a bit more. - From Jennifer M. Payne -

Civil War battles in Mississippi __ A list of battles with each battle having its own set of links to more detail. - From -  

Civil War Postal History of Vicksburg, Mississippi __ A general history stressing postal history, rules and regulations in force during the Civil War. - From William S. Parks -

Civil War Rosters-Mississippi __ "This is a directory of Civil War Rosters/Muster Rolls that have been found on the internet." - From Chuck Ewing -  

Civil War Sites in Mississippi __ "Click on Battle name for more information" - From -

Corinth Mississippi in Civil War __ You may view photos of newspaper articles and in the links to the left, you will find a wealth of other information. - illustrated - From -


Mississippi American Civil War Map of State Battles __ You will find click-to-read histories, locations of battles, flags and more. - illustrated - From - 

Mississippi Civil War__ While I normally do not review "web rings" as a single link, I am making an exception in this case. This web ring about the Civil War in Mississippi is hosted by the Mississippi Heritage Resources Preservation and Education League and is a little above average. You will find four websites currently involved. -

Mississippi Civil War Battlefield Map __ Static map of Mississippi battlefields. - From -


Mississippi Civil War Confederate units __ Just a list of units but no links to further information about them. - From wikipedia -

Mississippi Declaration of Secession __ Full text of the declaration along with links to many other resources. - From -

Mississippi Physicians in the Civil War Units __ A list of names but virtually no further information about them. - From -   
Union Regiments - Mississippi __ Organization and service history of Mississippi military units (cavalry, artillery, infantry). - From The Civil War Archive -


Unit Histories - Mississippi CSA __ Click on any given unit and you will find a full history. - From -  

The Vicksburg Campaign, a Virtual Tour __ A collection of contemporary photos along with texts describing the scenes, histories, a chronological look at the campaign and much more. - illustrated - From -

The War for Southern Independence The Civil War in Mississippi __ This page opens with military units formed in Mississippi.  Use the links in the upper right to access other material. - From -


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