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Civil War Era Burials - Alexandria National Cemetery __ " While neither as large nor as famous as its nearby neighbor in Arlington, the Alexandria National Cemetery is the final resting place for nearly 3600 Federal soldiers."  An index of burials. - From -

Civil War Richmond __ Here is an online research project which collects documents, photographs, and maps pertaining to Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War. - illustrated - From Civil War Richmond Inc. -

Civil War Rosters - Virginia __ "This is a directory of Civil War Rosters/Muster Rolls that have been found on the internet. Since only 50-60% of all rosters are on the internet, some units will not be listed." - From Unknown -

Civil War Traveler - Virginia __ Virginia Civil War battlefields and sites with descriptions and images. - illustrated - From -

Civil War Virginia Battle Appomattox Court House American Civil War __ A brief overview of the battle and links to additional material. - From - 

The Civil War in Virginia __ A large photo and dozens of links to additional materials. A researcher oriented page. - illustrated - From -


Union Regiments - Virginia __ Organization and service history of Virginia military units. - From The Civil War Archive -

Virginia in the American Civil War __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

Virginia Civil War Battle Richmond Petersburg Campaign __ A brief overview of the battle and links to more information. - From -    


Virginia Civil War Map of Battles 1861 __ You will find click-to-read histories, locations of battles, flags and more. For battle maps of other years, scroll three fourths down the page to find links. - illustrated - From -

Virginia Civil War Archive __ "The Virginia Civil War Archive includes information on 400 illustrations produced for the Harper's Weekly during 1861-1865 and which relate specifically to the Commonwealth of Virginia's involvment in the Civil War. From this group 100 images have been scanned for research and study by students and scholars on the World Wide Web."  You will have to do some navigating to find them. - illustrated - From -

Winchester Virginia Civil War Battlefields __ "The site of several major Civil War battles, the city changed hands over 70 times over the course of the war."  History and resources. - From -   


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