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Category:New Jersey Civil War regiments __ List of regiments with the name of each regiment being a live link to more information. - From wikipedia -

Civil War Vets buried in NJ __ A massive site with grave identities, brief biographies, photos of grave sites and more. - illustrated - From -

New Jersey in the American Civil War __ "Though no major battles were fought in New Jersey, soldiers and volunteers from New Jersey played an important part in the war,..."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

New Jersey in the Civil War__ "New Jersey's role in the Civil War is examined by using six subtopics: -Horrors of War - Opposing Viewpoints -Patriotic Contributions from New Jersey People - Battles - Ellis' Letters - NJ Women and the War" You will find the links to these sections right beneath the "box" at the top of the page. - From Rutgers University - 


New Jersey And The Civil War 1861 - 1865__ "New Jersey was a state split by the Civil War. Economically, it was tied to markets in the South; it was the last northern state to abolish slavery; Newark Journal editorial writer, Edward N. Fuller, supported secession; and it divided its electoral votes in the Presidential election of 1860 (Lincoln would receive 4 and Stephen A. Douglas, 3)." You can read the whole story. - illustrated - From Len Entrabartolo - 
New Jersey Volunteer Regiments__ Here you will find regimental history and rosters. - From Joseph Beegle and ITConsultants - 


New Jersey's Civil War History Page 1860 - 1865 __ You will find rosters and some cemetary information. This site looks like a work in progress which should be worth taking a look at again in the future. - illustrated - From - 

The Original 14th Regiment New Jersey Volunteers __ "The 14th Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry was recruited in the summer of 1862 in response to President Lincoln's call for 300,000 volunteers."  History, roster and more. - illustrated - From -

Union Regiments - New Jersey__ Organization and service history of New Jersey military units (cavalry, artillery, infantry). - From The Civil War Archive -


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