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3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment __ "Arguably the most celebrated regiment fielded by Arkansas during the Civil War, the Third Regiment, Arkansas Volunteers, served in Virginia from its inception to its surrender at Appomattox Court House. "  A history. - From couchgenweb.com - http://www.couchgenweb.com/civilwar/3rd-his.html

Arkansas Civil War __ Learn about the Sesquicentennial Commission goals and much more about the Civil War in Arkansas. - illustrated - From arkansascivilwar150.com - http://www.arkansascivilwar150.com/

Arkansas Civil War Battlefield Map __ Static map of Arkansas battlefield locations. - From accessgenealogy.com - http://www.accessgenealogy.com/arkansas/arcivmap.htm

Arkansas Civil War Confederate units __ This is a list of units formed from Arkansas for service in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkansas_Civil_War_Confederate_units  

Arkansas Civil War Map of Battles __ You will find click-to-read histories, locations of battles, flags and more. - illustrated - From americancivilwar.com - http://americancivilwar.com/statepic/arkansas.html 


Arkansas Civil War Research ___"This page is divided into three separate areas: Union Units, Civil War Research, and Confederate Units. If you are looking for information on a particular unit, go to that section. Please scan the Research Section, there are some valuable links there. Also some good stories to indicate the life and hardships of those in the two armies, as well as those who stayed behind to keep the homestead going." - Text only - From Tom Martin -

Arkansas Civil War Units and Confederate Army and Union Army ___Links to "... civil war units, military leaders, unit histories, and Civil War resources..." - Text only - From Anything Arkansas Directory - http://www.anythingarkansas.com/civil/units.html

The Arkansas Toothpick - The Civil War Hub of Arkansas __ Great blog by people who love their Arkansas Civil War history. Learn about events, preservation efforts and much more. - From arkansastoothpick.com - http://arkansastoothpick.com/  

The Civil War in Arkansas ___"The Civil War in Arkansas website includes a searchable database so you can find out what happened in various counties during the war." - Illustrated - From the Civil War Round Table of Arkansas - http://www.civilwarbuff.org/places.html

Civil War in Arkansas Arkansas in the Civil War __ A brief overview of the Civil War in Arkansas with embedded links to more detailed information. - From arkansas.com - http://www.arkansas.com/things-to-do/history-heritage/civil_war.aspx

Civil War in Arkansas - Civil War Battles in Arkansas __ Read about The Civil War in the Arkansas Delta and the battles fought there. - From deltaculturalcenter.com - http://www.deltaculturalcenter.com/exhibitions/depot/

Civil War Arkansas Timeline __ Annotated timeline for the Civil War in Arkansas. - From arkansascivilwar150.com - http://www.arkansascivilwar150.com/research-education/timeline/

Civil War Traveler - Arkansas __ A brief article about the Civil War but with some good links to other resources. - illustrated - From civilwartraveler.com - http://www.civilwartraveler.com/TRANS/AR/

History of the 3rd Arkansas __ "The Arkansas Toothpick was carried by many 3rd Ark. soldiers.This awesome sideknife sometimes was as long as 18". The knife was not for decoration and the Arkansans "knew how to use them." History and links to additional resources. - From Unknown - http://members.cox.net/preston1863/history.html

List of Arkansas Union Civil War Units __ List of Arkansas Union troops. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arkansas_Union_Civil_War_Units    

The Original Arkansas Genealogy Project, Civil War __ You will find an informational directory about Arkansans who served during the war, both Confederate and Union connections. - From couchgenweb.com - http://www.couchgenweb.com/civilwar/



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