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Alabama Civil War Battlefield Map __ Static map of  Alabama battlefields. - From -


Alabama Civil War Camps __ A list of camps along with some annotation. - From - 


Alabama Civil War Map of Battles ___An excellent reference maps, links to text pages, a text history and graphics depicting state flags and crests during the Civil War. - Illustrated - From the National Park Service and the U.S. Library of Congress -


Alabama Civil War Roots __ Good collection of resources. - From -




Alabama Civil War Soldiers Database, search page __ Searchable database of Alabama Civil War veterans. - From -   

Alabama Civil War Trails ___This page leads off with a map showing historic sites related to Civil War events and people in Alabama. Below the map you'll find bits of information about the places which correspond to the color-coded numbers on the map. - Illustrated - From Steven Cone -


Alabama in the Civil War __ "Information on Alabama history, American Civil War genealogy, military units, and participation of the state of Alabama during the Civil War." - From -  

Alabama Joins Civil War ___The information provided here comes from the January 5, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly. - Illustrated - From the Robert E. Lee Historical Preservation Initiative -




Alabama's Civil War Fighting Units __ You will find unit information about the Alabama Infantry, Alabama Cavalry and Alabama Artillery. - From -


Encyclopedia of Alabama: Civil War in Alabama __ A very good overview of Alabama's role in the Civil War.  A good place to begin a research project. - illustrated - From -  

Consolidated Alabama Civil War Regiments __ List of consolidations of Alabama Civil War regiments. - From -  


Constitution of Alabama, January 7, 1861___In 1861, Alabama revised its constitution to declare itself a 'Sovereign and Independent state' -- no longer a part of the country known as the United States of America. You can read the complete text of the document here. - Illustrated - From the Avalon Project, Yale Law School -

Decatur Alabama Civil War ___"Decatur was a focal point during the Civil War, and much information is displayed on story boards throughout the city. The following information was extracted from those story boards and from a brochure available at the Visitor Center. All pictures can be enlarged by clicking your mouse on them." - Illustrated - From Images From Nostalgiaville - 


Experience Fort Morgan - A Piece of Alabama Civil War History! __ A brief overview of the fort. - illustrated - From -


Home Counties Of Alabama Units __ You will find an alphabetical List of Counties and the Units that drew volunteers from that county. Also, a Numeric/Alphabetical listing of Units and the Counties where soldiers were Recruited. - From -

Tannehill Historical State Park ___"Information about the birthplace of the Birmingham iron industry and an ironworks that was vital to the South's war effort. Includes a map to the park, photos, and extensive historical information about the site." - Illustrated - From Tannehill Historical State Park - 


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