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Allexperts Coin Collecting Q & A __ Meet some coin experts and read their profile. You may ask questions about coins and collecting. - From - 

Ancient Chinese Coinage Web Site __ You will find information about ancient Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean coinage. You will also find contact information for collectors and dealers. A good history resource also. - From Vladimir Belyaev - 

Ancient Roman Coins __ You will find an interesting article containing information you may not hear from a dealer or collector. Good information to have before you invest in an ancient coin. - From J. Duran - 

Ancient Roman Coins __ Here is excellent general information about ancient Roman coins, their history and cultural significance. - illustrated - From - 

Canadian Coin Collecting FAQ __ Here is information about how to begin collecting Canadian coins, grading them and much more. - From - 
The Canadian Coin Reference Site __ You will find numismatic information, with an emphasis on Canadian coins, shows, clubs and dealers. - illustrated - From - 

Celtic Coin Index: Main Page __ "All the British Celtic Coin Index Records from 1961 to 2001 are now online! This means you now have access to over 28,000 records and images of British Celtic coins, a remarkable resource for study!..." - illustrated - from Hooker & Perron - 



Coin Collecting __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - 

Coin Collecting for Beginners __ "This site offers information and tips about coin collecting for beginners of all ages ." - illustrated - From - 

Coin Collecting FAQ Part 1 __ Excellent list of questions and answers for coin collectors ranginf from pricing information to clubs and organizations. - From -


Coin Collecting - The Hobby of Kings __ "Coin collecting articles, a picture and information gallery of gold and silver US coins (including State Quarters), coin values, a message board, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and commentary." - illustrated - From -


Coin Collecting and Rare Coin Guide by CGO __ "Rare coin collecting guide for ancient, world and U.S. coins. Find numismatic books, educational resources, auctions, coin shows and more." If you would like to view some spectacular coins, click on the "exhibits" link. - illustrated - From - 

Coin Collecting Terminology __ "This dictionary contains popular coin collector phrases and terminology. You will also find some abbreviations and acronyms used in the numismatic hobby." - From J Ly n n a n d C O - 

Coin Consumer Guide - Coin Consumer Protection __ "The electronic age has created marvelous new opportunities for coin enthusiasts to add to their collections and to their store of knowledge. But it has also opened up new opportunities for coin scammers. Cheating has always been a part of the world of money, including the world of collecting money. The Internet just makes it easier to cheat, and be cheated. Not all of the coin collecting consumer information below is specific to the online world or to deception in numismatics. But it's all relevant to the coin consumer in the information age. Consider this a coin consumer protection guide." - illustrated - From Reid Goldsborough - 



Coin Gallery __ You will find images of a selection of coins from around the world. - illustrated - From - 

FAQ : Menu page __ A good assortment of questions and answers about coins and collecting. - From - 
Gold Bullion Coin Collectors Site (and Platinum and Silver Bullion) __ "Information for collectors of gold bullion coins (and platinum and silver bullion coins). Includes detailed information about gold Eagles, Maples, Pandas, Krugerrands, Isle of Man Cats, Gibraltar Dogs, etc." - illustrated - From - 

How to Care for a Coin Collection __ Some excellent information about how to take care of your coins, whether to clean or not to clean, how to store and more. - From - 

The MegaPenny Project __ While this is not about coin collecting the the classical sense, I thought I would include it just for the fun of it. Those little critters do add up, usually in the sock drawer. Just how big a pile does a thousand of them make? - a million? - a billion? - illustrated - From - 

Numismalink -- Numismatic Web Directory __ You will find a classified directory of internet resources about rare coins, medals, tokens, and paper money. You may want to bookmark this site for future reference. - From Andrew W. Pollock III - 
Numismatic Information - Coin Collecting __ General information about coin collecting with an overview of just about everything a beginning ( or advanced ) might need to know. - from - 



The United States Mint __ "Manufacturer of US circulating coins, Mint commemorative coins, and US Mint bullion coins. Numismatic information, online catalog and a special kids zone." - illustrated - From - 

What's So Special About the 1943 Copper Penny? __ "According to the American Numismatic Association, the 1943 copper-alloy cent is one of the most idealized and potentially one of the most sought-after items in American numismatics. Nearly all circulating pennies at that time were struck in zinc-coated steel because copper and nickel were needed for the Allied war effort." Learn how many there are and what they are worth. - illustrated - From US Mint - 


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