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Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish __ Learn whether you are a tropical fish 'haver' or a tropical fish 'keeper.' There is a difference. This site contains a wealth of information about keeping tropical fish and fresh water aquariums. - illustrated - From - 

The Aquatic Critter - Freshwater Fish __ You will find many click-to-read articles about freshwater aquariums and fish. - From - 

Badmans Tropical Fish... a complete freshwater site __ Here is a tropical fresh-water site covering all aspects of the hobby with special sections for the novice and more advanced hobbyist. - illustrated - From - 
Beginning Fishkeeping __ A page of questions and answers. "Though this document is designed for a first freshwater aquarium (saltwater people: make sure to read the SALTWATER BEGINNER FAQ), there is much information applicable to both freshwater and saltwater aquaria." - From Thomas Narten - 



"Blue Sheets" __ "Tropical fish are perhaps the easiest of all pets to maintain. There are, however, certain problems that may occur, causing new hobbyists, as well as unsuccessful existing hobbyists, to become frustrated and upset with this fascinating hobby." Here is a basic guide to tropical fish selection and care. - from - 
Bruce Hallman yeast injection article __ Learn about a method of adding carbon dioxide to your tank to promote lush plant growth. - From - 



Desktop Aquariums __ "Desktop Aquariums are meant to be "fun" tanks. They are relatively inexpensive, attractive to the eye and fit almost anywhere. They are not very sophisticated aquariums, however, and their limitations must be observed in order to achieve success." Learn how to establish and enjoy one of these small tanks. - From -

Freshwater Tropical Fish Keeping. Learn to set up your aquarium. Fishkeeping for beginners to advanced hobbyists...  __ "The best information on setting up a freshwater tropical fish tank. Great fish keeping info for beginners and advanced hobbyists. Learn how to get started, right through to which fish are best suited for your aquarium. Check out the links list, pictures, electronic fishy postcards, and more!" - illustrated - From -


The Home Page of Tom and Pat Bridges __ This site built by tropical fish hobbyists contains pictures and much information of interest to tropical fish hobbyists. - illustrated - From Tom and Pat Bridges -

Keeping Tropical Fish and Goldfish in Aquariums, Fish Bowls, and ... __ You will find a wealth of information about everything from starting a tank to diseases, fish species, maintainence, decorating, moving tanks and much more. - illustrated - From - 


Tropical Fish Forever __ "Tropical Fish Forever, get help and advice for your tropical fish and look at our pictures, also look at the fish index" - illustrated - From -

Tropical Fish Tank __ "Aquarist Richard Preston, from Hi-Tek Aquarium, shows Rebecca that with the right equipment and a bit of dedication anyone can set up a tropical fish tank and relax in the company of little water treasures." Lots of basic information about setting up a tank. - From - 

The Tropical Tank Homepage - Tropical Fish and Aquariums __ "Info on tropical fish and tropical aquariums, large fish species index with photos, library of aquarium articles, tank setups, aquarium product info, help for beginners, discussion forum, aquatic links and much more" - illustrated - From - 


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