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The Art of Pottery Making __ "Each step in the overall pottery process is an art in it's self. The glazing process and firing techniques affect the finished piece as much as the throwing process." Follow the illustrated steps to learn the processes involved in pottery making from preparing the clay to firing the final product. - illustrated - From kengeorgepottery -


ArtsWork - Three Basic Pottery Techniques __ A pottery making lesson plan - illustrated - From -

Bay River Pottery, Candace Young, Pottery Techniques __ You will find techniques for making pierced pots, horsehair Raku, and urchin pots along with a step-by-step illustrated tutorial for making a patio lantern. - illustrated - from -
A beginners guide to the art of ceramics __ "The "Pottery Tutorial" is designed for the beginner as a step by step guide to making ceramics. This guide is designed to give you the most basic techniques and some tips. Each Guide has illustrations as well as text to explain each step. Because of space requirements, glazing techniques are not yet covered in this tutorial; but my suggested list of related sites has some great examples of how to glaze." - illustrated - From John Hester - 

Ceramics __ "The art of ceramics is one of the oldest known, dating to prehistoric times. Clay is a special kind of earth, found all over the world that is easily worked when moist, but can be hardened and made waterproof by exposure to heat. The earliest forms of construction were pinched-- that is, the clay is formed with the fingers to the desired shape." Here you will find an overview of some other manufacturing techniques. - illustrated - From Cornell University - 


Ceramics Directory Page __ You will find an index to onsite pages with information about all aspects of pottery making. There are tips, techniques, movies, pictures and stories about making pottery and the materials and tools necessary. - illustrated - From Russell Andavall - 


Clay Times Magazine __ Online version of Clay Times Magazine., Articles and more - illustrated - From -

Clay, Why it Acts the Way it Does __ You will find an illustrated article which explains the structure of clay and “why it acts the way it does.” There are explainations of the types and nature of clay and clay particles also discussions of the types of pottery clay and their origins. - illustrated - From - 

Digitalfire CeramicMaterials.Info Technical Ceramic Articles Database __ This site is jam-packed with resources for those interested in pottery and ceramics. - From -


How to Make Pottery (with pictures)  __ Brief article and some photos. - illustrated - From -  



How to Make Pottery, A Step by Step Look __ "This site offers a step by step look at how we make pottery with large full colour photos of each step as well as offering a dvd video of how to make pottery." - illustrated - From - 

Info for Pottery Newbies __ Learn how to get started making pottery. You will find sections about making pottery, glazing and finishing and lead in glazes as well as other pottery techniques. - From - 


Make Pottery Tips: Video Series  __ 15 pottery making videos. - video - From -


Making Cordmarked Pottery __ Learn the ancient history of this technique and how it is applied today. - illustrated - From -


Making Pottery to Sell __ "’s not enough to simply make the stuff and hope someone buys it."  Learn the how-tos of the business. - From -


Making your own pottery tools __ Handy hints about making your own pottery tools. - From -    


Pottery __ Here is a great educational site about making pottery, the history of pottery, web quests for pottery, museums of pottery and much more. There are even pottery lesson plans. You may want to spend some time here. - From - 

Pottery __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -


Pottery for Kids: Video Series __ A series of 9 videos about pottery making for kids. - video - From -  


Pottery Making Info - Tools for Making Pottery __ A collection of online resources and videos. - From -


Pottery Making: A New Hobby __ "Pottery can be a very gratifying hobby that produces fun and satisfying results."  Learn how to get started. - From - 


Pottery Making Illustrated - A How To Magazine for Potters __ "This site serves as an introduction to Pottery Making Illustrated magazine, with featured selections, glaze recipes, online how-to articles from the current issue, brief descriptions of future articles, submission information, recommended books, advertising rates and online subscription capability." - illustrated - From - 

Special Pottery Techniques __ Learn special techniques for pottery making. You will find two that have to do with using slip and three deal that with firing. - illustrated - From - 

Tutorial Alora hand painted ceramic art Tiles mural wildlife __ "This website is devoted to hand painted ceramic tile wildlife murals. All are original works of art and may be installed in any room, as mural, backsplash or framed painting." You will find instruction for doing your own. - illustrated - From Alora Hofferber -


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