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About Saltwater Aquariums - Reef Tanks __ You will find several articles and resources about keeping marine aquariums. - From - 

Beginner Saltwater FAQ __ This page covers information about how to set up a system, buy fish, and maintenance tips. - From Thomas Sasala - 

A Brief Introduction to the Saltwater Aquarium __ Here is basic information for those considering establishing a marine tank. - From -
Choosing Fish for Your Saltwater Aquarium __ "Fish make great pets, and although they have the reputation for being more difficult to care for, saltwater fish have brilliant colors and exotic looks. And not all fish available in the store are actually meant to be kept in captivity. When choosing fish for your saltwater tank, find out all you can before making a purchase." You can go a long way toward doing that by reading this article. - From - 



How to Maintain Your Saltwater Aquarium __ "This isn't so bad if you do it regularly." A step by step guide with links to related materials. - From - 
How to Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium __ A step by step guide with links to related materials. - From - 

Marine Aquariums, Setup and Maintenance __ All sorts of valuable information from choosing the right tank to maintenance, feeding, water quality and more. - From -  



Saltwater __ You will find many click-to-read articles about saltwater aquariums and fish. - From -
Saltwater Aquarium Guide __ An excellent resource for the marine tank enthusiast whether a beginner or pro. You will learn about setting up tanks, the types of fish, information about tank health, stocking and much more. - From Aquatics Unlimited - 


Saltwater Basics - Article at The Age of Aquariums __ "The first thing you need to know about saltwater tanks, is that you can not have nearly as many fish as you can have in a freshwater tank! There is not a "rule of thumb" for stocking an aquarium, so I won't even try. The fish load is determined entirely by the type of filtration, quality of aquarium maintenance, and types of fish you want keep." This and much more. - From - 


Saltwater Fish to Avoid __ Some salt water species will not make it in your tank regardless of what the dealer tells you. Here is some good advice for the advanced aquarist as well as the beginner. - From -

Salt water and reef aquarium fish articles __ Many click-to-read articles about marine aquariums. - From - 

Small & Simple Saltwater Setup __ You will find basic information for setting up a 10 or 20 gallon marine tank with advice on stocking, general maintenance, etc. - From - 

Toadally's Ocean Reef __ This site provides information about coral reefs, saltwater and reef aqariums, and links to related materials. - illustrated - From Toadally - 


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