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Angel Mounds, Indiana __ A general overview of this site on the Ohio River.  Hernando de Soto may have been there. - From -


Archaeologists dig in basement of southern Indiana courthouse ... __ "Some archaeologists have been digging in the basement of a southern Indiana courthouse trying to learn more about the history of the site going back to the 1800s."  Learn about the research at the Monroe County Courthouse. - From Archaeological News -


Archaeology field trips in Indiana during the month of September __ Though this article is dated 2009, it may still provide suggestions as to what kinds of field trips may be available to students at various archaeological sites. - From -


Archaeology Field School excavates Madam C.J. Walker's home in downtown Indianapolis __ "The excavation site included Madam C.J. Walker's home and neighboring store, as well as the Walker Company office that Walker first rented when she moved to Indianapolis in the early 1900s."  A general overview of this research. - illustrated - From -   


Bone Bank Archaeological Project __ "The Bone Bank archaeological site (12 Po 4), located on the bank of the Wabash River in far southwestern Indiana, is a late prehistoric (protohistoric) Native American village site. Early in the period of historic European settlement, the site became famous because of the burials that eroded from the site on the cutbank of the river, as well as the many artifacts that were collected. In fact, the Bone Bank site became a landmark for early river travelers in the early 1800s." The site is now a rescue archaeology project. Find out why and what is being done. - illustrated - From Indiana University -


Category:Archaeological sites in Indiana __ Index of articles relating to Indiana archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -

dig: Indiana Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Indiana" - From -


Early Peoples of Indiana - Chicago State University __ "This publication is designed to provide an introduction to the rich, varied, and complex nature of the prehistoric cultures who once inhabited Indiana, to inform the reader about the science of archaeology, and relate how and why it is practiced in our state."  An extensive paper.  A PDF file - illustrated - From -  

Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana... __ About the archaeology laboratory at Indiana University - photos - By Indiana University -

The Goodall Tradition Project: Northwestern Indiana Hopewell __ "The Goodall tradition was a prehistoric Middle Woodland culture that inhabited northwestern Indiana between about 200 B.C. to A.D. 400. The Middle Woodland period is often known as the time of the "Moundbuilders" for the many mounds that were constructed then."  Learn about the project, the field school and much more. - illustrated - From -


Indiana Archaeology - __ Online edition of Indiana Archaeology Volume 5 Number 1 2010 - illustrated - From -


Indiana Archaeology Law Questions and Answers __ Question and answer sheet. A PDF file. - From - 


Indiana Archaeology Month __ You will find a good definition of archaeology and resources about archaeology in Indiana. - illustrated - From -


Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology __ There is a virtual ton of information here for anybody interested in historic and archaeological preservation in Indiana.  Clicking on "featured items" will take you to detailed explanation of Indiana archaeological law and more. - From State of Indiana -




Indiana: oldest such artifact ever documented __ "A prehistoric bone tool discovered by University of Indianapolis archeologists is the oldest such artifact ever documented in Indiana, the researchers say."  A news article. - From -  

Indiana State Museum __ "The Indiana State Museum Education Department offers educational aids and programs for school-age children. These include an educational trunk on Ice Age animals with fossils, hands-on items, books, posters, and a reference manual. The museum also offers its Digging Through History Archaeology Camp for ages 9-13. There, campers will learn what it is like to be an archaeologist through hands-on activities. They can also explore Indiana's diverse cultures from the past 12,000 years." - From Indiana State Museum -


IPFW Archaeological Survey Homepage __ "As part of an ongoing effort to make primary archaeological information and data available to both professionals and the interested public, the IPFW-Archaeological Survey is committed to the timely publication and distribution of the results of our work. The publications below are screen resolution PDF versions of our reports edited for public dissemination."  You will find several archaeological research reports. - From -  


Looking at Prehistory: Indiana's Hoosier National Forest Region ... __ "Paleoindian peoples are represented by several cultures. Scattered sites and tools from many of these have been found in southern Indiana, but most Paleoindian sites are quite small with few tools and other remains to inform on their lifeways."  A good look at this region with text and photos. - illustrated - From -


Ransom Place links __ A collection of resources about archaeological research at Ransom Place. "Ransom Place Archaeology is a cooperative project between IUPUI, the Ransom Place Neighborhood Association, and the Indianapolis Urban League. The project uses archaeological excavations, oral historical research, and public interpretation to probe the complex confluence of African-American culture, business and consumption, and race and racism in Indiana's capital city." - illustrated - From - 

Recent Archaeological Investigations in Southern Indiana __ Learn about the research at the Hovey Lake archaeological site in Southern Indiana. - illustrated - From Indiana University - 

Remote Sensing Mapping at the Angel and Grabert Sites in Southwestern Indiana by Ball, Stephen __ A brief article about remote sensing and Indian mounds in Indiana. - From Indiana University, Bloomington -



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