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About Urban Archaeology __ An introduction to urban archaeology in general then the article becomes focused on New York City archaeology. - From -


Ancient Toolmakers Plied Craft Near Niagara Falls __ "...combined with other archaeological discoveries in the area over the past few decades, suggests that such campsites lined the Niagara River as far back as 4,000 years ago."  A general overview. - illustrated - From -


Archaeological Investigations at the Goat Island Rockshelter __ "The Goat Island Rockshelter is a multicomponent site containing both prehistoric and historic remains." Learn about the research. - From Elizabeth S. Chilton -


The Archaeology of African Burial Ground National Monument, New York __ "A collection of Park Service reports and supporting documents from archaeological work done at the African Burial Ground National Monument in lower Manhattan, New York, New York." - From -




Archaeology in New York City __ "Archaeology is always going on in NYC--be it excavations, museum exhibitions, or lectures or other public programs."  You will find an excellent article. - From -


Beneath the City: An Archaeological Perspective of Albany __ "Beneath the city’s streets, sidewalks, backyards, and buildings are layers of soil that contain objects made, used, and discarded by former residents."  A good overview of urban archaeology in Albany in an article about an exhibit at the New York State Museum. - From - 


Category: Archaeological sites in New York __ Index of articles related to New York archaeology found in wikipedia - From wikipedia -   

Five Points __ Pages cover the archaeological investigations on the site of the new Foley Square Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street, New York City - photos - From United States General Services Administration -


Grouse Bluff: An Archaeological Introduction __ "Grouse Bluff contains substantial evidence of occupation during the three prehistoric periods when sites are known in greater frequency on high places above the Hudson River: the centuries around 5,000, 3,000, and 1,500 years ago." You will find a detailed review of the research including discovery, history, and future plans. - By Christopher R Lindner/Bard College -


The Hidden History of New York's Harbor __ "The ship lay buried in mud for two centuries as New York City grew up around it. The last time it sailed along the East Coast and pulled into the harbor on the west side of the island, Manhattan's population was probably less than 20,000."  Learn about two surprising finds that help explain the city's wealth. - From -  


Interactive Dig Brooklyn __ "Sharpen your trowel and enter Brooklyn's eighteenth-century Lott House. Uncover the buried past of a Dutch family living on the fringes of the burgeoning city that would become New York." - illustrated - From Archaeological Institute of America - 

New York Archaeology Council __ "This website has been created and sponsored by the New York Archaeological Council to raise awareness of archaeology and archaeological issues of New York State." Learn what those goals are and some of the means by which they may be implemented. You will find membership information and much more. - From NYAC -




New York Archaeology Walking Tour: Archaeology of Manhattan __  While these walks are commercial in nature (a fee) they are worth the time to take and to read about. - From - 
New York City Landmarks Commission |Archaeology Department Home Page __ Learn about what this department does and find materials about recent projects. - illustrated - From City of New York - 


New York State Archaeological Association Webpage __ "The NYSAA is a non-profit organization composed of people interested in various phases of archaeology in New York State. Founded in 1916 and chartered in 1927 by the Board of Regents of the State of New York, NYSAA is a nonprofit organization composed of 15 chapters and a world-wide membership-at-large. All who are devoted to historic and pre-historic archaeology are invited to join." Learn about the organization, its activities and goals. - From New York state Archaeological Association -


Office of the State Archaeologist __ "The State Archaeologist is a staff member of the Research & Collections Division of the New York State Museum ..."  Learn about the duties and responsibilities that go with the office. - From -  


Prehistory of the Mid-Hudson Valley __ You will find a special issue of the Hudson Valley Regional Review which was originally published in 1999 and placed on line, summarizing information about the archaeology of Tivoli Bays, Dutchess County, New York. - From Unknown -


Privies and Parasites: The Archaeology of Health Conditions in Albany, New York __ A brief overview and several click-to-read articles about similar topics. - From Charles L Fisher, Karl J Reinhard, Matthew Kirk, Justin DiVirgilio -


Professional Archaeologists of New York City __ Learn about the organization, membership information, goals, accomplishments and more. - From -


Roundtop (New York): The Way Science Works __ "In the Susquehanna River Valley of New York state in the northeastern United States, lies a large late Woodland (AD 1000-1300) village site called Roundtop."  Learn about this site and its importance. - From K. Kris Hirst/ -




South Ferry Terminal Project __ "Because the area is so important to New York City's history, the MTA has mandated that the South Ferry Terminal Project be planned, implemented and executed with history and archaeology in mind. During the project's planning phase, experts reviewed historical data to determine the archaeological potential of the construction site."  A very good look at preconstruction and salvage archaeology. - illustrated - From -


Standards - New York Archaeological Council __ "In order to ensure a degree of uniformity in the approach taken by archaeologists in New York State to Cultural Resource investigations the NYAC membership developed a series of basic standards that were published in 1994."  Learn what they are in this brief overview plus downloadable articles. - From -


Tivoli Bays Archaeological Sites __ "The Tivoli Bays provide an unusually interesting setting for long term archeological and ecological research projects. In the middle Hudson Valley this combination of islands, large embayments, wetlands, high bluffs and upland creeks is almost unique."  A brief article and links to other resources, including books for sale. - From Hudson River Maritime Museum - 


Urban Archaeology: the Croton Distributing Reservoir __ Learn about this historic structure part of which is still under the New York city Public Library. - illustrated - From - 


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