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Archaeology at Ashland __ "Literally thousands of Kentucky school students have participated in Ashland’s archaeological programs. One of the most visible results of the research is likely the Springfield Gasworks installed by the McDowells in the 1880s."  A brief overview of the research. - illustrated - From -


Archaeology of Mammoth Cave and Vicinity __ A preliminary report about archaeology in the Mammoth Cave region.  You may access a PDF file of clink on pages to enlarge them in order to read the complete report. - From -


Battlefield Archaeology in the Bluegrass __ Learn about the archaeological survey at Blue Licks Battlefield, site of the last battle of the American Revolution. - From - 


Category:Archaeological sites in Kentucky __ Index of articles relating to Kentucky archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia -  

dig: Kentucky Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Kentucky" - From -

Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society __ Learn about the organization and its programs. You will find articles and resources about Kentucky archaeology including a review of Kentucky archaeological law. - illustrated - From Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society -


Green River Shell Middens Archeological District __ A brief overview of this archaeological site. - illustrated - From National Park Service -


Kentucky Archaeological Registry __ "Modeled on The Nature Conservancy's nationally successful program for protecting privately owned natural areas, the Registry represents a way to involve private landowners in the protection of Kentucky's significant archeological sites. Landowners are asked to make a commitment to preserve and protect their sites and are presented awards in recognition of these commitments." Read the full story and learn how to participate. - From National Park Service - 

Kentucky Archaeological Survey __ "The Survey's mission is to provide a service to other state agencies, to work with private landowners to protect archaeological sites, and to educate the public about Kentucky's rich archaeological heritage."  Learn about their goals and accomplishments. - From - 


Kentucky Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Kentucky - From - 


Kentucky Heritage Council __ "The mandate of the Kentucky Heritage Council is to identify, preserve, and protect the cultural resources of Kentucky. The Council also maintains continually updated inventories of historic structures and archaeological sites and nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places. By working with other state and federal agencies, local communities, and interested citizens, the Council seeks to build a greater awareness of Kentucky's past and to encourage the long-term preservation of Kentucky's significant cultural resources." - illustrated - From state of Kentucky -


Kentucky Preservation Plan Profile __ "Kentuckians will value historic and prehistoric places as irreplaceable resources contributing to our heritage, our economy, and the quality of life in our communities. These places and their landscapes will be integral to our sense of place, and to who we are as Kentuckians. We will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our shared heritage in all its diversity through educational programs which use places and landscapes to teach a variety of facts and skills." Learn about the preservation plan and how it will be implemented. - From National Park Service -



Mammoth Cave archaeology __ An overview of the time periods represented by Mammoth Cave archaeology. - From -


Riverside, The Farnsley ~ Moremen Landing __ Read about the history and archaeological research at this Ohio River site in Kentucky. You will find many resources and articles. - illustrated - From - 


Slack Farm __ Learn about an archaeological disaster and the results of archaeological looting. - illustrated - From -

West Kentucky's Projectiles and Stone Tools __ "If you own a stone point or prehistoric projectile from the American woodlands area and want to know what it is, you may be able to identify it here." - photos -


Winchester Farm __ "The oldest known structure in the Bluegrass is not an Antebellum house or a pioneer cabin, but a prehistoric earthen construction located off Mt. Horeb Pike in northern Fayette County."  History, overview, gallery and more. - illustrated - From -


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