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Anthropology Students Excavate Folsom Site Near Albuquerque __ "The stu­dents found flakes from the stone tools the Fol­som peo­ple shaped at the site, bro­ken tools, tooth enamel and a few small pieces of bone from bison that were their prey."  Learn what they found and what it means. - From unm.edu - http://news.unm.edu/2010/09/unm-anthropology-students-excavate-folsom-site-near-albuquerque/


Archaeological Geology of the Mescalero Sands, Southeastern New Mexico __ "The Mescalero Sands accumulated in two episodes, first during the late Pleistocene (90,000 to 75,000 years B.P.) and second during the early Holocene (9000 to 5000 years B.P.) based on OSL dates. Archaeological sites of all ages occur on the surface of the older eolian sand."  Detailed report.  PDF file - illustrated - From redrockgeological.com - http://redrockgeological.com/pdf/2008_mescalero_sands.pdf  


Archaeological Sites of the Southwest : New Mexico __ Listing of all of the archaeological sites in New Mexico that are open to public visitation. - From Gregory H. Bondar - http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/g/h/ghb1/southwest/nmexico.html 


Archaeological Society of New Mexico __ Learn about the organization, membership information, goals and accomplishments. - From newmexico-archaeology.org - http://www.newmexico-archaeology.org/


The Archaeology of Gila Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico __ A general overview of the site with interactive map. - From tdar.org - http://core.tdar.org/project/4275


Archeology in New Mexico __ List and links to articles for several New Mexico archaeological sites. - From newmexico.org - http://www.newmexico.org/learn/archeology/index.php  
Blackwater Draw, New Mexico __ "Eleven thousand years ago, a small spring-fed lake or marsh near what is now Portales, New Mexico was populated with extinct forms of elephant, wolf, bison and horse, and the people who hunted them." Learn about the ancient people and the modern research. - From About.com - http://archaeology.about.com/od/clovispreclovis/a/blackwater.htm



Category:Archaeological sites in New Mexico __ Index of articles related to New Mexico archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Archaeological_sites_in_New_Mexico


Center for New Mexico Archaeology Status Report __ "Construction of the Center for New Mexico Archaeology (CNMA) has been on hiatus since the completion of gas, electric, and communications utilities in early 2011."  A political budget fight. PDF file - From nmlegis.gov - http://www.nmlegis.gov/lcs/handouts/CBPC%20110811%20Center%20for%20New%20Mexico%20Archaeology%20Status%20Report.pdf 


Chaco Culture National Historical Park __ "The very remote Chaco site of northwest New Mexico has the largest, best preserved and architecturally advanced of all ancient Southwestern villages, equal in importance to Mesa Verde in Colorado and although lacking the dramatic cliff alcove setting, the ruins here are made more evocative by the great desolation and emptiness of the surrounding countryside." History, location and more. - illustrated - From americansouthwest.net - http://www.americansouthwest.net/new_mexico/chaco_culture/national_historical_park.html


Clovis - The History of Clovis - Archaeology __ "Clovis is the name archaeologists have given to the earliest well-established human culture in the North American continent. Clovis were the first big game hunters of the Paleoindian tradition, although they were probably not the first people in the American continents."  A general overview and resources. - From about.com - http://archaeology.about.com/od/clovispreclovis/qt/clovis_people.htm 


Coronado State Monument, a Photo Gallery __ "The Kuaua Pueblo archaeological site is located within Coronado State Monument."  Annotated gallery of photos. - illustrated - From jqjacobs.net - http://www.jqjacobs.net/southwest/coronado.html


Drugs, Guns and Dirt - Archaeology __ "The locus of archaeological crime in the Southwest and across the nation is shifting into the world of drugs and guns. It is a far cry from the traditional, familial world of pot hunters and metal detectorists. "  An important article about archaeological vandalism. - From archaeology.org - http://www.archaeology.org/0903/etc/drugs.html


Fieldwork | New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies __ A collection of click-to-read articles about several New Mexico archaeological projects and sites. - illustrated - From nmarchaeology.org - http://www.nmarchaeology.org/fieldwork.html



Folsom Site - National Historic Landmarks Program __ A brief overview of the Folsom site - From National Park Service - http://tps.cr.nps.gov/nhl/detail.cfm?ResourceId=334&ResourceType=Site


Galisteo Archaeology | Welcome! __ "For the three centuries before the arrival of the Spanish in northern New Mexico, the Galisteo Basin was home to one of the greatest concentrations of Pueblo communities ever known. "  A remarkable look at this site, history and research.  Music too. - illustrated - From galisteoarchaeology.org - http://galisteoarchaeology.org/home.php  

Hummingbird 2001: SMU Research Sponsored by Earthwatch __ Learn about an archaeological research season at Chavez-Hummingbird Pueblo which dates from the 14th and 15th centuries in New Mexico. "...Life on the dig has not lacked interesting visitors, including rattlesnakes, horned toads, tarantulas and other many-legged insects..." And a good time was had by all. There are excellent reports and related information. - illustrated - From Earthwatch Institute - http://www.smu.edu/isem/Hummingbird/index.html


List of ancient dwellings of Pueblo peoples in New Mexico __ List of ancient pueblos and pueblo archaeological sites. - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ancient_dwellings_of_Pueblo_peoples_in_New_Mexico


NASA Archeology Research - Chaco Canyon, New Mexico __ "The Chaco Canyon Research Center had done aerial photography and a ground survey. This was the beginning of an archeological database, to which, we proposed to add thermal infrared multispectral data. If our sensors could locate prehistoric features, this would prove that using remote sensing technology could work for archeology." Learn about this program and its effect on research. - illustrated - From nasa.gov - http://weather.msfc.nasa.gov/archeology/chaco.html


New Mexico Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in New Mexico - From museumsusa.org - http://www.museumsusa.org/museums/?k=1271407%2CCategoryID%3A1601640%3BState%3ANM%3Bdirectoryid%3A200454  
The New Mexico Archaic __ About the archaeological record of the transition of Paleoindian cultures to Archaic cultures in New Mexico. - photos - http://www.ele.net/oshara/archaic.htm


New Mexico - Aztec Ruins National Monument __ "Like Montezuma Castle in Arizona, the Aztec Ruins were mistakenly thought by early white explorers to be relics of the great 15th century central Mexican civilisation though as with most other ancient settlements of the Southwest they actually date from around the 12th century and were built by tribes indigenous to this region." History, location and more. - illustrated - From americansouthwest.net - http://www.americansouthwest.net/new_mexico/aztec_ruins/national_monument.html


NM Administrative Code Qualifications for archaeological/historical/architectural/cultural permits __ Learn what the law requires to do archaeological research in New Mexico - From drarchaeology.com - http://drarchaeology.com/permits/NMSHPO/nmqualification.htm


Petroglyph National Monument __ "Petroglyph National Monument protects a variety of cultural and natural resources including volcanoes, archeological sites and an estimated 24,000 carved images."  A good overview. - illustrated - From National Park Service - http://www.nps.gov/petr/index.htm   


Ruins of Pueblo Bonito __ "Deep in the remote deserts of northwestern New Mexico lie the extensive ruins of the greatest architectural achievement of the northern American Indians. Known as the Chaco Canyon complex, the site was the main social and ceremonial center of the Anasazi culture.We do not actually know what these people called themselves, the term Anasazi is a Navaho word meaning variously "the ancient ones" or "the enemies of our ancient fathers." A slightly unorthodox overview. - illustrated - From Martin Gray - http://www.sacredsites.com/americas/united_states/chaco_canyon.html 

Sandia Petroglyph Project __ "During July and August 1995 a group of six students from Sandia Pueblo worked on a project recording petroglyphs at Petroglyph National Monument, in Albuquerque, New Mexico." The petroglyphs are in an expanding developmental area of Albuquerque and is threatened by nearby housing developments. - photos and other illustrations - From UNM Computer Science - http://www.cs.unm.edu/~brayer/rock/sandia.html


The Three Rivers Petroglyph Site __ Read about the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site in Southeastern New Mexico. - illustrated, history - From Ron Wayne Green - http://www.vivanewmexico.com/se.3rivers.html


Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological Site __ "The Friends of Tijeras Pueblo, in partnership with the Forest Service, host a variety of events such as "Saturday Afternoon at Tijeras Pueblo", "Star Nights", and special archaeology, pottery and flint knapping workshops."  A general overview of the site and related activities. - From turquoisetrail.org - http://www.turquoisetrail.org/stops/detail/tijeras-pueblo-archaeological-site/

Whitley, Galisteo Basin Archaeological Sites Protection Act, S. 2776 __ Statement of Richard Whitley - Acting State Director - New Mexico Bureau of Land Management - at Field Hearing on S.2776, Galisteo Basin Archaeological Sites Protection Act - Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources - Santa Fe, New Mexico - August 7, 2002 - http://www.doi.gov/ocl/2002/s2776.htm


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