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Archaeology: The Oaks House Museum - Jackson, Mississippi __ "The continuing archaeological field work is uncovering the footprints of the significant outbuildings and locations of the original Boyd household’s work activities – providing an understanding of the 19th-century urbanizing processes at a middle-class house and lot."  A general overview - illustrated - From theoakshousemuseum.org - http://www.theoakshousemuseum.org/preservation/index.html


Archaeology and Prehistoric Mississippi __ An article about prehistoric Mississippi, its sequences and the archaeological research. - From mshistory.k12.ms.us - http://mshistory.k12.ms.us/articles/74/archaeology-and-prehistoric-mississippi


Case Studies in Historical Archaeology: Waverly Plantation __ "This National Historic Landmark contains one of the South’s finest plantation houses complete with its own gas plant and swimming pool in the 1850s."  Learn about the archaeological research . - illustrated - From ancestry.com - http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~archaeology/heritage/case/*waverly.html 


Category:Archaeological sites in Mississippi __ Index of articles relating to Mississippi archaeology found in Wikipedia. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Archaeological_sites_in_Mississippi


dig: Mississippi Archaeology Events __ "dig's guide to special archaeological programs, events, and exhibits in Mississippi" - From digonsite.com - http://www.digonsite.com/guide/mississippi.html


Descendant Community Involvement in African-American Archaeology in Mississippi: Digging for the Dream in Mound Bayou __ "In March, 1998, a public excavation occurred in Mound Bayou, one of the first all-black incorporated towns in the US."  Learn why the dig was organized and what was found. - From uark.edu - http://www.uark.edu/campus-resources/archinfo/SHACyoung.pdf


An Evaluation of Remote Sensing Effectiveness in the Pine Hills of Southeast Mississippi __ "Remote sensing has become a prominent aspect of pre-excavation data collection in archaeological investigations. Under appropriate conditions various geophysical prospecting techniques permit recognition of subsurface features such as burned structures, organic pits, cellars, and graves."  Learn how this was used in the Pine Hills. A PDF file - From olemiss.edu - http://www.olemiss.edu/research/anthropology/haley/An%20Evaluation%20of%20Remote%20Sensing.pdf  



Excavation and Artifact Analysis at 22PE679 De Soto National Forest, Mississippi, 1999 __ You will find brief report. - From passportintime.com - http://www.passportintime.com/summaries/99/ms99a_22pe679.html


Grand Village of the Natchez __ "Grand Village of the Natchez, also known as Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, is a 128.1-acre site encompassing a prehistoric indigenous village and earthwork mounds in present-day south Natchez, Mississippi."  An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - illustrated - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Village_of_the_Natchez


Indian Mounds of Mississippi __ Here you may explore 11 publicly accessible American Indian mound sites in Mississippi and experience these impressive ancient structures. - illustrated - From nps.gov - http://www.nps.gov/history/nr/travel/mounds/   
Kings Crossing Site __ "Kings Crossing Site is an archaeological site that is a type site for the Kings Crossing phase of the prehistoric Temple Mound period of the area. The site is on the southern margin of the Mississippian cultural advance down the Mississippi River..."  An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - illustrated - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kings_Crossing_Site


Lyon's Bluff Archaeological Site __ "The Lyon's Bluff Site (22OK520) is a large mound and village site located in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. Archaeological investigations have demonstrated that occupation of the site dates predominately to the Mississippi and Protohistoric periods (ca. A.D. 1000-1650)."  A good overview of saeveral seasons of work. - illustrated - From msstate.edu - http://www.cobb.msstate.edu/lbluff.html



Mississippi Archaeological Association Online __ "The Mississippi Archaeological Association is an organization of professional archaeologists and lay people actively involved with archaeology and archaeological preservation, uniting in a common effort to understand the prehistory and history of Mississippi and the surrounding region." You will learn about the organization, find membership requirements, goals and activities. - illustrated - From Mississippi Archaeological Society - http://www.msarchaeology.org/


Mississippi Archaeological Grant Program __ "The Mississippi Archaeological Research Grant Program is designed to provide funding for archaeological research, archaeological data recovery, and laboratory testing (such as carbon 14 dating) to increase the knowledge of the prehistory and history of Mississippi through an archaeological perspective."  Learn how it works.  A PDF file - From state.ms.us - http://mdah.state.ms.us/hpres/archae-grant_app07.pdf


Mississippi Archaeology Museum Directory __ List of archaeology museums in Mississippi - From museumsusa.org - http://www.museumsusa.org/museums/?k=1271407%2CCategoryID%3A1601640%3BState%3AMS%3Bdirectoryid%3A200454 

Mississippi Preservation Plan Profile __ Learn how this plan will help protect historical and archaeological sites in Mississippi. - From National Park Service - http://www.cr.nps.gov/hps/pad/stateplans/mississippi.htm


MS Archaeology Trails __ "Explore the rich archaeological heritage of the regions of Mississippi, travel back in time to learn about our earliest inhabitants, or discover the diverse cultural history of our ancestors."  Archaeological news updates and articles. - From heritagetrails.info - http://heritagetrails.info/ 
NASA helps excavate Mississippi Gulf Coast history with remote sensing __ A press release: "A research scientist with NASA's Earth System Science Office at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County participated in Mississippi Archaeology Week Oct. 9-16 and used remote sensing to conduct non- invasive archaeology." Read the whole article. - From spaceref.com - http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewpr.html?pid=57




Owl Creek Mounds Archaeological Site - Natchez Trace, Mississippi __ "The Owl Creek Mounds site is an important Native American ceremonial complex. It is located three miles west of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi's Tombigbee National Forest."  An overview. - illustrated - From exploresouthernhistory.com - http://www.exploresouthernhistory.com/natchezowlcreek.html


Tony's Mississippi Archaeology Blog __ A lot of information about Mississippi archaeology and archaeologists presented in an entertaining manner. - illustrated - From Tony Payne - http://miss-archaeology.blogspot.com/   

Winterville Mounds __ "Archaeological evidence indicates that the Indians who used the Winterville Mounds may have had a civilization similar to that of the Natchez Indians, a Mississippi tribe documented by French explorers and settlers in the early 1700s. The Natchez Indians' society was divided into upper and lower ranks, with a person's social rank determined by heredity through the female line." You can read the history and learn about the archaeological research and plans for the future. - illustrated - From State of Mississippi - http://www.mdah.state.ms.us/hprop/winterville.html


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