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British Wild Flowers __ Offers a large selection of photographs to aid in identifiation of wild flowers, grasses, ferns, shrubs and trees. - illustrated - From -

English Wild Flowers - Wild flower and Plant Photos and Names __ "Probably a few of the Wild Plants and Wild flowers we have photographed are considered by some people to be "weeds" but most plants and flowers that grow do have their nice side if you care to look."  And look, they do with great galleries of click-to-enlarge photos. - illustrated - From -

European Wild Flowers - Photographic Collection __ Photographic collection of wild flowers of Verona province in Italy. - illustrated - From -

Flickr: The German herbarium (only wildflowers, please!) __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge photos of German wildflowers. - From - 

Flora Danica Online __ A bilingual website about Danish wildflowers. You can search through image plates dating back to 1761. - illustrated - From Danmarks Natur -


Flora of Europe __ Extensive listing for wildflowers of Europe, mostly southern Europe, with click-to-view information and images. - illustrated - From Flora of Europe -

Flora of the Irwell Valley __ "This web-site is dedicated to the flora of the Irwell Valley and currently illustrates over 300 species...The Irwell Valley extends from the Forest of Rossendale in North West England, through to the cities of Salford and Manchester." - illustrated -

Flora - Wildflowers Flora - ProvenceBeyond __ An extensive click-to-view gallery of wildflowers from "beyond the French Riviera." - illustrated - From Russ Collins -

Greece's Autumn Surprise - Wildflowers __ An article about fall wildflowers in Greece with no illustrations. - From -

Greece - Wildflower Resources __ Greek flowers and wildflowers - information and books on Greek flowers and more - From - 

Images de la Flore de France __ A bilingual site about the wildflowers of France. - illustrated - From Eric Bourneuf - 

Index page for European sub Domain of Wildflowers of the British Isle __ "Currently 627 photos of plants found in Europe have been published some of which also grow in the British Isles." - illustrated - From -

Nordic / Scandinavian wild flowers __ Galleries of click-to-enlarge photos of Nordic wildflowers. - illustrated - From -

North Norwegian wildflowers __ Click the flower name to go to a photo. - illustrated - From - 

Northern Cyprus in Spring __ While not everything here is a wildflower, there are enough included to make a visit to Cyprus worthwhile. - illustrated -

Swiss Wildflowers __ Click-to-enlarge photos of Switzerland's wildflowers. - illustrated - From Bailey Educational Adventures -

Top 10 Places to View Wildflowers in Italy- Wildflower Walks in Italy __ "Wildflowers can be found in Italy twelve months of the year if you know when and where to find them blooming."  A guide - illustrated - From -

Wildflowers of Europe __ You may browse wildflowers by family name, the month they bloom, whether they have been introduced to America and much more. - illustrated - From -

Wild flowers of France __ Annotated gallery of click-to-enlarge photos of French native flowers. - From -

Wildflowers from the European Alps __ Gallery of click-to-view images of European alpine wildflowers. - illustrated - From Thoman Kornack -

Wildflowers of Ireland __ A grand website about wildflowers of Ireland which includes a few landscape views. - illustrated - From Michael L. Charters -

Wildflowers in Muggendorf / Lower Austria __ While much of this site is in German, English speakers can still enjoy the photos. "Characteristic for the flora at the eastern border of the Alps in an area called "Gutensteiner Kalkvoralpen" is the crossing of different influences. Muggendorf is located at the western edge of the occurence of black-pine forests (Pinus niger), from the west alpine flowers find their way and from the east Pannonian flora is still present." - illustrated - From -

Wild flowers of Spain __ "Here is a selection of wild flowers of Spain taken during walks around the countryside near Benidorm - Click image to view a larger size."  Beautiful galleries. - illustrated - From -

Wildflowers of Sweden __ Scroll down for a gallery of Swedish wildflowers. - illustrated - From -


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