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Growing Strawberries __ You will find many tips about growing strawberries. - From -

Growing Strawberries from Strawberry Seeds __ "Because strawberry seeds are so plentiful, it can seem strange that more people don't grow their own strawberries from seeds. It seems easy enough to scrape off a few seeds and then wait for them to grow."  Well, there is a bit more to it than that as you will find here. - From -

Growing Strawberries for the Home Garden __ Information about growing strawberries at home in the ground and in containers. - From -

Growing Strawberries in a Jar __ "You can assemble this strawberry garden in just 60 minutes." - A brief article then step-by-step on page2 - illustrated - From -

Growing Strawberries In Pots __ Brief article and a video. - video - From -


Growing Strawberries in Pots, Containers and Hanging Baskets __ "Strawberries are a perennial favorite (sic) for growing in pots or containers. While they have a tendency to sprawl in a bed, there are a few varieties that do well and produce few runner in a container. Let’s take a look at how to grow strawberries in pot." A brief article. - From -

Growing Strawberries University of Maine Cooperative Extension ... __ "Strawberries are an excellent crop for both home gardeners and commercial farmers in New England. With proper care, strawberry beds will produce good crops for three to five years, beginning one year after planting. An initial planting of 100 plants should provide enough fruit for a family of four, with surplus to freeze or make preserves." An overview for home gardeners and commercial growers alike. - illustrated - From University of Maine -

How to Care for Strawberries __ A general overview for caring for and growing strawberries. - From -

How to Grow Strawberries __ Here are step-by-step instructions for growing strawberries. - From -

How to Plant a Strawberries in a Container (Strawberry Jar) __ Video about growing strawberries in a strawberry jar. - video - From

Hydroponic Strawberries __ "Commercial growers were the forerunners in hydroponic strawberry growing, but with an increase in the availability of home hydroponic systems, the decline of summer doesn't have to mean the end of fresh strawberries. Besides extending the growing season, there are several advantages to growing strawberries hydroponically."  Learn about the process. - From - 

Hydroponic Strawberries Avoid Soil Pests __ A very interesting and timely article about this method of growing strawberries. With the fast-approaching ban on use of methyl bromide to control soil pests, growers are anxiously looking for alternatives. It is estimated that banning methyl bromide will cut in half the annual production of field-grown strawberries in California and Florida, our major producing states. - From USDA - 

Master Gardeners - Growing Strawberries for the Home Garden __ "Long days and warm temperatures favor the growth of leaves and runners, while short days and cool temperatures are necessary for flower formation in the short day varieties. Strawberries will have more flavor when grown in areas where days are sunny and nights are cool." You will find a lot of good information. - -

Planting and Growing Strawberries __ "There are many varieties of strawberry plants, but three basic types. You’ll have to choose between June Bearing, Everbearing, and Day Neutral."  A growing guide. - illustrated - From -  

Strawberries __ Information from picking cultivars to ground preparation and much more. - illustrated - from -


Strawberries are an Excellent Fruit for the Home Garden __ "Strawberries are well suited for planting in the home garden since they produce fruits very quickly, and require a relatively small amount of space ... Each plant may produce up to one quart of fruit when grown in a matted row during the first fruiting year." Basic growing information including cultivars, mulching, pests and much more. - illustrated - From Ohio State University - 

Strawberries - Growing Strawberries in the Home Garden, Fruits ... __ "Strawberries are an easy to grow fruit crop that will reward the home gardener with ample harvests for many years. With favorable conditions, each strawberry plant should produce one quart of strawberries." A lot of good information from cultivars to planting tips. - From - 

Strawberries & More - Growing Strawberries __ Good advice for growing berries in the Midwest. "June bearing or spring bearing, everbearing and day neutral are the three types of strawberries grown in Illinois. Fruits of day neutral plants and everbearers are usually smaller than June-bearers fruit." - illustrated - From University of Illinois - 


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