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Benefits of growing oak leaf hydrangeas from cuttings __ A brief article about growing oak leaf hydrangeas from cuttings and even seed. - From -

Changing the Color of Hydrangeas __ You will find basic information about how to control the color of hydrangeas. - illustrated - From -

Choosing the right hydrangeas for the landscape __ From "Which hydrangea will bloom best in my area?" to descriptions of types and more. - illustrated - From -

Commercial Hydrangea Forcing __ Complete instructions for forcing hydrangea bloom at a given time. - From -

Endless Summer and Forever and Ever Hydrangeas: Growing Tips for Cold Climates __ "The bottom line is, you can grow these babies to at least USDA Zone 4–but you have to really want to."  Things you need to think of before buying these plants. - illustrated - From -   

Gardeners Guide to Growing Hydrangeas in the Garden __ General information about growing hydrangeas. - illustrated - From -

Gardener's Network - Flowers : How to Grow and Care for Hydrangea ... __ "Hydrangea are beautiful, perennial bushes with huge flower heads. These deciduous bushes profusely produce huge, round flower heads in mid-summer. Hydrangea are native to North and South America, Himalayas, and central and eastern Asia." A bit of historic background and growing tips. - From - 

The "gift" hydrangea: What to do with it __ "Whether it was a gift or whether it was bought by you, hydrangeas that are purchased with foil around the pot are different from those purchased at a nursery." Learn what to do or not to do. - illustrated - From - 

Growing Blue Hydrangeas __ Advice and basic information on how to grow those wonderful blue hydrangeas. - illustrated - From -,default,pg.html

Growing Hydrangeas - Beginner Style __ This is an introduction to the hydrangea and its care. - From -

Growing Hydrangeas - __ "We offer tips, advice, and resources to help you tend and delight in these hallmarks of the Southern garden." - illustrated - From -

Help With Hydrangeas | 5 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas __ A few pages of advice on growing hydrangeas. - illustrated - From -,,20488104_20947651,00.html  

How to Care for Hydrangeas __ "Hydrangeas are old-fashioned shrubs that have become extremely popular in recent years." Basic growing instructions and tips. - From Phyllis Heuerman Frederick County Master Gardener Program -


How to Grow Hydrangeas __ "Hydrangeas are lovely, whether used as single plants or in mass, such as in a hedge, or border." Basic growing instructions. - From -

How to Grow Hydrangeas in Containers __ Step-by-step instructions for growing hydrangeas in pots or other containers. - illustrated - From -

How to Grow Hydrangeas From Seed __ "Growing hydrangeas from seed can be challenging, and the plants will take longer to produce blossoms. It is, however, more cost-effective, and you can plant many hydrangea bushes for pennies on the dollar." You will find step-by-step instructions. - From -


How to grow Hydrangeas in your Home Garden! __ All about hydrangeas and how to grow them in your own home garden! "All hydrangeas are deciduous, and it's a welcome sign of spring when the new green leaves begin to appear." - From -

How to grow Hydrangeas, lots of pictures detailed care information. __ "Everything you need to know about hydrangeas in clear and concise language." This is a multi-page site so some navigation is needed. - illustrated - From -

How to Grow an Oakleaf Hydrangea __ General growing information. - From -  

Hydrangea paniculata: How to grow __ "These shrubs are not as fussy about soil pH as some hydrangeas, but it must be fertile, well-fed, and slow to dry out. Plant them where they are shaded from the sun for part of the day." Good overall instructions. - From -

Hydrangea Plant Profile: Care, Uses, Maintenance and Varieties of ... __ Good basic information including such things as the best companion plantings, etc. - From - 

Hydrangea Questions and Answers __ Detailed answers to several questions about growing hydrangeas. - illustrated - From -

Hydrangeas - Otago Crop Database __ "They will not grow and flower successfully in direct sunlight, so modern commercial plantings are under large shade structures with a minimum of 50% shade."  An overview of commercial hydrangea farming in New Zealand but methodologies may apply elsewhere. - From -   

Hydrangeas __ Learn about growing hydrangeas in Texas. - From Texas Cooperative Extension - 


Hydrangeas: Pots of Mopheads and Lacecaps __ "Native to both Japan and Korea, hydrangeas have been naturalized in compatible climates around the world. Hydrangeas and are widely acclaimed for their large, showy blossoms that lend fabulous color to gardens from mid to late summer." Learn how to care for them. - illustrated - From - 

Pruning Annabelle and Oakleaf Hydrangea __ "Different varieties of Hydrangeas follow different pruning schedules. When you prune your hydrangeas determines how well they will flower or if they will ..." A lot of good pruning information for hydrangeas. - From - 

RNZIH - Horticulture Pages - Growing hydrangeas __ Excellent information about growing hydrangea in New Zealand. - illustrated - From Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture -

Winter protection for hydrangeas __ "The information on this page is for H. macrophylla, which is the typical blue and pink mophead or lacecap hydrangea. PG (paniculata) or Annabelle hydrangeas do not need protection in the United States and most of Canada."  - illustrated - From -



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