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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.


American Peony Society __ "We believe the best way to generate interest in the plant is by sharing information. The website is intended to be informative and educational on a wide range of peony topics, everything from backyard planting to the use of peonies as a study-plant. If you are not familiar with peonies, or with hybrid notation, the Introductory Information section is suggested reading." - illustrated - From - 

Fall in love with fragrant peonies __ "I can't imagine my flower garden in early summer without peonies. Their heady fragrance and voluptuous blooms make them a must-have perennial - somehow, a garden isn't really a garden without these gorgeous beauties." Learn the steps to peony success. - illustrated - From - 

Learn About Peonies - How to Grow __ You will find a lot of information about the planting of peonies.  It seems fall planting is much better than spring planting. - illustrated - From -

Growing Peonies __ "Peonies are perennial favorites in the flower garden. Few herbaceous plants can rival them for floral display and foliage. Their exquisite, large blossoms, often fragrant, make excellent cut flowers and the foliage provides a background for annuals or other perennials." You will find general information and growing advice. - From University of Rhode Island -


Growing Peonies __ "One of the most outstanding perennial flowers that is grown in the garden is the peony. Even though this plant seems to have been grown forever, it still remains very popular today." Basic information and growing tips. - From University of Vermont -

Growing Peonies __ "May and June gardens would lack something without this outstandingly beautiful garden flower. The peony shoots off its display of bloom in a relatively short number of weeks but retains the perfection of its green and arching foliage through the season."  Full instructions on how to grow them. - From -

Growing Peonies in Alaska __ Detailed instructions for growing peonies in Alaska. - illustrated - From -  

Growing Peonies for the home grounds __ Basic overview of peonies and their care. - From -

Peony Flower -- Care of Peonies -- Tree Peony __ "Peonies are available in dozens of varieties including herbaceous and tree forms, The herbaceous Paeonia lactiflora, a native of Siberia, is the Chinese peony with the large, opulent flowers..."  A general overview of peonies and growing tips. - From -

Planting and Caring of Tree Peony __ "Tree peony can be planted in full sun or part sun. It requires at least 4 to 5 hours of sunlight daily. In areas where it is very hot in April, during the blooming season, the heat causes the flowers to wilt and drop fast. In this case, it is better to plant it in a semi-shady area or to shade the plants with mat-awning or bamboo-awning in blooming. "  A guide to growing tree peonies. - From -


Planting Guide - Peonies __ You will find a step-by-step guide to planting and growing peonies. - From -

Tips for Growing Peonies __ "An overview of the growing conditions required by this showy perennial." - From - 

Tree Peony Flowers Peony Nursery Plants Chinese Tree Peonies __ A commercial site with loads of information and images. - illustrated - From -

Tree Peony Information __ You will find about all you need to know to grow beautiful tree peonies. - illustrated - From -  


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