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BANANA Fruit Facts __ Description, a bit of history, cultivars, growing tips and more. - From California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. - 

Bananas move north of the tropics - growing bananas in northern gardens __ About growing bananas is northern gardens. Ohio is the example used here. - From Monica Brandies / -

Flower & Garden Magazine: Bananas move north of the tropics ... __ Do you want to grow bananas in the north? Here are some tips how. - From - 



Growing Bananas __ "Bananas are large, herbaceous plants which grow very quickly and provide a decidedly tropical appearance to home landscapes. The rapid growth and tropical appearance are responsible for the increased popularity of banana plants in Texas." Propagation and growing information. - illustrated - from Texas A&M - 


Growing Bananas In Phoenix Arizona - Musaceae __ "Bananas grow very well in Phoenix, but need lots of water and fertilizer. They like sun and heat but do appreciate some afternoon shade during the hottest months." an overview of how. - illustrated - From - 



Growing Fruit All Year Round -- Part II: Bananas __ "We have developed a fondness for bananas so much that we have seen our culture turn the yellow crescent-shaped fruits into vaudeville banana routines, fodder for comedic banana pratfalls, weird banana movie themes, musical band names (Bananarama?), banana songs, banana shaped candy, banana bucket bicycle seats, and silly phrases like "I'm going bananas". so learn how to grow these flavorful ( and entertaining ) fruits in your warm weather gardens. - illustrated - From Teresa Watkins - 

How do you grow bananas? __ A brief article about growing bananas, especially in the north. - From -


How to Grow Bananas __ "Because it takes nine months or more to reach maturity, some northern gardeners grow the banana plant only for its spectacular ornamental foliage. However, in the hobby greenhouse, even northern growers can achieve a fruit harvest and reap the added benefit of seeing the amazing way in which fruit is produced." Growing tips and more. - From -

Red Banana __ A general overview about this ornamental banana. - illustrated - From - 


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