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 Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.




About Cherry Trees __ A comprehensive site about growing cherry trees and their varieties. - From -


All About Weeping Cherry Trees __ Here is general information about growing weeping cherry trees. - illustrated - From


Backyard Cherry Trees __ While such laws may not apply in your particular area, the responsibilities and problems of growing a cherry tree remain pretty much the same.  "Local ordinances (laws) specify that YOU, the owner, are responsible for controlling destructive pests of fruit trees on your property.  This is true whether you plant the tree yourself, or buy property with fruit trees already on it. Although ordinances apply to all types of fruit trees, cherry trees present one of the worst problems." - From / Washington State University -              


Cherry Trees - hints on how to grow and plant cherry trees __ " Cherry trees aren't all that hard to grow provided you have : cold chilly winters and enough room for 2 trees"  a good overview. - From -


Cherry Varieties __ General overview of varieties of cherries. - From National Gardening Association -


Fruit Trees : How to Trim Cherry Trees __ Video about trimming cherry trees before planting them. - video - 


Fruits - Growing Cherries: Commercial & Home Garden __ A video along with links to related topics. - video - From -   

Growing a Balaton Cherry Tree __ "Tart cherry trees, including Balaton, can be grown in the northern third of the United States. In the South, the trees do not have the sufficiently long winters required for normal bud development." Learn the history of this tree from Hungary. "Balaton" is a registered trade name. - From Michigan State University -

Growing: Cherries (Cherry Trees) __ "Cherry trees grow well in most zones. Although if you want to get more technical, tart cherries thrive best in zones 4-9, and sweet cherries grow best in zones 5-9." This and a lot more cherry growing information - From -


Growing Cherries: Commercial & Home Garden __ A video providing some interesting information about growing cherries. - video -



Growing cherries on the Home Ground __ "Growing cherries in home plantings is frequently very disappointing. The foliage and fruit are susceptible to injury by several insects and diseases, making several timely spray applications necessary to produce sound fruit. Birds frequently consume the fruit as it begins to color, but before it is fully mature, and covering the tree with cheesecloth or other netting material is the only effective method of saving the crop from them. All of these factors render growing cherries in a home garden very disheartening! However, all of these problems seem minor at the first cherry crop." Learn how to select trees and take care of them. - from - 


Growing Cherries in Virginia __ Learn about the origins and history of cherries along with growing information ranging from purchasing trees to pollination and harvest. - From Virginia Cooperative Extension -

Growing Cherry Trees __ "The other garden enemy of the cherry tree is birdlife. Growing cherry trees will guarantee a huge garden bird population flocking to your garden. But if you want to eat the cherries you will have to guard against the birds. They can strip a tree in less than half an hour." Find out what the first garden enemy is. - illustrated - From -


Growing Cherry Trees __ You will find several click-to-read articles and resources about growing cherries. - illustrated - From -


Growing Cherry Trees: Planting Cherry Trees In Your Garden __ A brief overview of caring for cherry trees. - From -



Growing Flowering Cherry Trees __ Here are the basics for growing a flowering cherry tree. "The flowering cherry tree is a very popular landscape tree. When they are in full bloom, they will surely provide the best aesthetics in any garden." I have one and they are marvelous. - illustrated - From -


Growing Flowering Cherry Trees __ "Tips for growing flowering cherry trees in your landscape." - From -


Growing Sweet and Sour Cherries __ A general overview - From - 


How to Grow Bing Cherry Trees __ "Bing cherries are one of the most popular fruit trees grown by amateur gardeners. It is no wonder, because the bing cherry tree grows well in almost any soil that is well drained, when exposed to full sunlight."  Full instructions. - From -


How to Grow a Cherry Tree: Plant, Care and Harvest __ You will find basic tips for planting and caring for cherry trees for every home gardener. - From -

How to Harvest and Store Sour Cherries __ "Cherries come in two types: sweet and sour. Most sour cherries grown in the United States find their way into preserves, sauces and pie filling..." While not exactly about "growing cherries" it's nice to know what to do with them after you do grow them. - From -


Jamaica Cherry __ Learn about a cherry variety that may thrive in warmer parts of the United States.  "This is a very fast-growing tree of slender proportions, reaching 25 to 40 ft (7.5-12 in) in height, with spreading, nearly horizontal branches. The leaves are evergreen, alternate, lanceolate or oblong, long-pointed at the apex, ..." - illustrated - From -


Pruning Cherry Trees __ "Before understanding how to prune a cherry tree, it is important to know how cherry trees grow."  You can learn what you need to know plus find a lot more information about cherry trees. - From -


Surinam Cherry __ A cherry tree for warm climates and is already commonly grown as a 'hedge' in Florida.  "In Florida, the Surinam cherry is one of the most common hedge plants throughout the central and southern parts of the state and the Florida Keys. The fruits are today mostly eaten by children. In the past, many people allowed the tree to grow naturally and harvested the fruits for culinary use. For a while, small quantities were sold in Miami markets. In temperate zones, the plant is grown in pots for its attractive foliage and bright fruits." - From -  


Sweet and Tart Cherry Varieties and Cultural Recommendations __ Description and information for a wide variety of cherries. PDF format, Acrobat reader needed. - From - 


Tree Fruit - BCMAL __ Tips on growing cherry trees in parts of British Columbia. - illustrated - From - Trees: Species: Cherry: Care __ "Cherry trees make beautiful specimen plants. ... This can determine whether your cherry can successfully withstand the stresses of growing in an urban ..." You will find a lot of good basic information with links to more detailed info if you want it. - From -


Trees: Species: Cherry: Inescts and Disease __ Learn about the various diseases and insects that can affect cherry trees such as black knot, silver leaf, borers, aphids, scales, rot and spots. - From - 


Unofficial National Cherry Homepage: History __ "The Unofficial National Cherry Homepage presents the History of the Cherry Industry in Northern Michigan" - From -



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