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Why Study Ancient History and Civilizations?

Because it answers two needs for us.  It is one, enjoyable, and two, it is useful.  The history of ancient societies, which are seemingly alien and yet strangely familiar, is a wonder. Who has not wanted to learn about ancient times or from them?

Ancient history is increasingly seen as a valuable foundation for professional disciplines, in the combined undergraduate degree programs (e.g. Law, Commerce, Science) and in the professional postgraduate degree programs (e.g. Education, Medicine). It broadens perspectives, provides skills in analysis, and  interpretation which are sought by employers in the public and the private sector.  So take the time to gain these skills while you make the past come alive?

You will find resources here for Near Eastern, Greek, Roman, and other histories at all levels.  Since the reviews are quite brief and to the point, you may even need to already know something about just what you are looking for.  There are links for the younger student as well and they have been identified in the review.



Ancient Civilizations 

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Ancient Civilizations Lesson Plans

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Specialized Topics Related to Ancient Civilizations

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Medieval Civilizations

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